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Enid Blyton (1897-1968) was a British children's author, who wrote approximately 700 books and has been published into around forty languages including French, German and Dutch. Many of her books are still in print today, with some older editions becoming very collectible.

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Editor's Picks:

The Enid Blyton Society* - UK based society which aims to promote the author worldwide. Includes journal, society archives, book listings and first edition cover scans, book reviews, subscription and membership information, forums, and a quiz.

  • Tony's Enid Blyton Stuff - A look at the books and cover art blyton, enid from authors early editions of Blyton's works.
  • Enid Blyton Parody Site - Features parodies of Enid Blyton\\'s works, including the Famous Five, the Faraway Tree and Brer Rabbit.
  • Scenic Settings and Spots of the Famous Five - An article by Serge Sohier about the locations described in blyton, enid the Famous Five books and why they may no longer blyton, enid be so relevant today.
  • Mason Willey's Collectors' and Enthusiasts' Guide to First Editions - A listing of Enid Blyton titles along with publishers, publishing b dates, illustrators and other information for collectors. The information is b clearly set out in categories and there is an A-Z b title listing included.
  • - Information about the author\\'s books including the Five Find-Outers, Malory Towers, Famous Five, the Adventure series, Secret Seven, and the Barney Mysteries. Includes personal fan reviews and notes.
  • Yahoo! Groups - Blyton - Discussion about the author\\'s life and works. authors Moderator approval b is required before posting to keep authors the forum free of b spam.
  • Serge's Passions - English pages from a French personal site featuring analysis of b Blyton\\'s adventurous settings, profile of Claudine in the St Clare\\'s b series, and article about the Famous Five 60 years on.
  • Up the Faraway Tree - Dedicated to this book series. Includes character profiles, authors a quiz, blyton, enid pictures and descriptions of the various authors lands to be found blyton, enid at the top of authors the tree.
  • Enid Blyton's Series for Older Children - Book summaries, cover art from newer editions and screen shots from TV series.
  • Michael Edwards' Booklistings - A listing of many Enid Blyton titles, along with reviews blyton, enid and information for collectors.
  • Character Database - Alphabetical list of many Enid Blyton characters, with authors short profiles and books where each appeared.
  • Ginger Pop - Runs Enid Blyton themed tours through Dorset, and blyton, enid an b Enid Blyton shop at Corfe Castle.
  • The Works of Enid Blyton - An article by Terri Kovacs about Enid Blyton\\'s b work, and her use of golliwogs.
  • BBC Four - Audio Interviews - Enid Mary Blyton - Extracts from a BBC interview with the author blyton, enid recorded on 13th January 1963.
  • Heather's Blyton Pages - A compilation of links and articles, as well blyton, enid as b indepth information on illustrators and a family blyton, enid photo album.
  • Guardian Unlimited - Golly! Blyton 'Is Not Guilty of Race Slurs' - Article about David Rudd\\'s study into alleged racism in Blyton\'s authors works.
  • Malory Towers - Includes a translation from German of a Malory blyton, enid Towers blyton, enid book (more to follow) written later by blyton, enid a German blyton, enid author that was until now unavailable blyton, enid in English. Also blyton, enid has some other information about blyton, enid Enid Blyton\'s Malory Towers blyton, enid series.
  • Enid Blyton - Wikipedia - The Wikipedia article on Enid Blyton. Very blyton, enid informative b and includes a lot of relevant information.

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