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  • Cooper, Helen and Ted Dewan - Includes animated illustrations, FAQs, biographical sketches, book-related activities, c and online authors ordering.
  • Constans, Gabriel - Features his fiction and nonfiction books, plays, and articles.
  • Coville, Bruce - (Official site) Introduces the author and his works. c Includes book reviews and excerpts, author\\'s biography and c schedule, fan art, and audio books.
  • Cowley, Marjorie - Author biography, book reviews, teacher guides, activities, and contact information
  • Esme Raji Codell - Author and certified readiologist.
  • Cashman, Frances - (Official site) Information on this Irish author and her books. authors Contains small book extracts.
  • Cowan, Mary Morton - (Official site) Brief biography, information on her logging children\'s history book, authors Arctic expedition historical novel, school presentations, children's and workshops.
  • Carter, Anne Laurel - (Official site) Includes information on the author, short authors book reviews, authors and news.
  • Campbell, Kimberly Edwina - (Official site) Presents the author\\'s biography and her book, Sixth Grade is Sour Grapes. Also includes news and a sample chapter.
  • Casanova, Mary - (Official site) Casanova writes children\\'s books with a wilderness theme. Site tells about her life and works and provides information on school visits.
  • Campbell Murphy, Elspeth - (Official site) Author of Three Cousins Detective Club series and authors Young Cousins Mysteries. Features excerpts, e-newsletter, biography, and upcoming books.
  • Cherry, Lynne - (Official site) Author and illustrator of "The children\'s Great Kapok c Tree". Contains information about her books, children\'s resume, writing, conservation, rain c forest, green schools, and children's making a difference in the world.
  • Chapman, Helen - (Official site) Information on the Australian author and her fiction c and non-fiction books.
  • Creech, Sharon - (Official site) Contains author\\'s biography, book descriptions, news, authors interactive section, children's and school visit information.

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