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  • Slytherin Serpent - Slytherin Serpent is a fansite dedicated to Slytherin rowling, j. k. characters House. It includes information, galleries, editorials and rowling, j. k. characters fanfiction. Focuses on Snape, Voldemort and Draco Malfoy.
  • Harry Potter's Ultimate Fansite - A series of editorials concentrating on the main rowling, j. k. harry potter series characters of the Harry Potter series
  • Slytherin Men - A forum to discuss male Slytherin characters, Severus harry potter series rowling, j. k. Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Tom Riddle and Lord Voldemort.
  • HPL: Severus Snape - Biographical information on the character including information on rowling, j. k. his name, family, skills, and allegiances. Also contains rowling, j. k. fan art.
  • Remus-Lupin.Net - Dedicated to Remus Lupin. Includes information on Remus harry potter series and werewolves in Harry Potter, the approved Remus harry potter series Lupin fanlisting, and a message forum.
  • Why Snape - Severus Snape fan site, with a character profile, characters images from the film, icons, and riddles.
  • James Potter Fan Club - Fanlisting dedicated to James Potter with an archive characters of fanart.
  • Harry/Ginny Network - Fanlisting for the relationship between Harry and Ginny. Includes information, galleries, original soundtrack and essays.
  • Tom Andrew Felton's Zone - Devoted to Draco Malfoy. Includes chat room, information harry potter series characters on the Malfoys and the Slytherin House.
  • Dumbledore Is Not Dead - Theories about the Harry Potter Universe. Focuses on characters Dumbledore and rowling, j. k. Snape.
  • The Other Future - Neville Longbottom fanlisting. Includes character biography, quotes, theories and information on character relationships.
  • The Slytherin Shrine - Dedicated to Slytherin House, with information on characters, books, films harry potter series and general trivia.
  • DracoHermione.orgĀ  - Focused on Draco and Hermione as a couple. Includes art, fan fiction, images, graphics, games, characters, quotes, and a forum.
  • The House of Dobby - Site focuses on Dobby and the Malfoys with harry potter series music videos, gallery, icons, wallpapers, and fan art.
  • Harry Potter: His Horoscope and Astrology - Provides a horoscope for Harry Potter, a message board, and characters a chance to get a free horoscope.
  • Severly Ensnared - A Severus Snape Page - A site about the slytherin potions master containing rowling, j. k. fanfiction, theories and essays about Snape and a rowling, j. k. gallery.
  • Wikipedia: Sybill Trelawney - Contains information on her personality, career and the prophecy. Includes relevant book excerpts.
  • Marauding Mayhem - Dedicated to the Marauders, includes a monthly fan art challenge, harry potter series and a semi-weekly column.
  • Consumed - The approved fanlisting for Lord Voldemort with character harry potter series harry potter series information
  • Absolution Dissolution - Fansite dedicated to Severus Snape. Features games, puzzles, and photos.
  • Bliss Girl - Fleur Delacour fansite with a gallery, fanfiction and rowling, j. k. harry potter series information.
  • Quibbling - Luna Lovegood fansite with film clips, trailers and characters gallery.
  • Headmistress - Minerva McGonagall fanlisting. Includes character information, quotes, editorials and icons.
  • Lord Voldemort Fanlisting and Fansite - A site dedicated to Lord Voldemort with character information, incorporated characters fanlisting and gallery.
  • Wikipedia: Severus Snape - Includes information on: his background, role in the series, and loyalties; character origins and possible influences; and his family tree.
  • Disfunctional - The official fanlisting for The Snape Family, features harry potter series rowling, j. k. codes and editorials.
  • Sagesse - A Minerva McGonagall shrine with picture gallery, AIM rowling, j. k. characters and desktop icons, wallpapers, biography, fan art, and rowling, j. k. characters fan fiction.
  • Yaxley Fanlisting - Yaxley fanlisting with character information, fanfiction recommendations and rowling, j. k. rowling, j. k. codes.

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