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  • Shefelman, Janice and Tom - (Official site) Includes book descriptions, illustrations, biographical sketches, and bookmaking techniques from the husband-wife team of Janice and Tom Shefelman.
  • Saville, Malcolm - Author of The Lone Pine stories. Contains biography, book list and reviews, and information on the Malcolm Saville Society.
  • Steig, William - Featuring the books of children\\'s author and illustrator children\'s William Steig. Includes biography, articles, and reviews.
  • Shasha, Mark - (Official site) An introduction to the work of authors Mark Shasha, authors author and illustrator of "Night of authors the Moonjellies." Includes an authors online edition of the authors book, posters, and school programs.
  • Sasek, Miroslav - Devoted to the Czech author/illustrator, famous for the children\'s "This is" authors series of books. Features book and children\'s film reviews, details of authors his life, and biography.
  • Siy, Alexandra - (Official site) Author of non-fiction books. Contains brief biography, book children's reviews, information about school and library visits, and works in children's progress.
  • Stock, Catherine - (Official site) Author/illustrator of picture books. Best known for her multicultural books set in southern Africa.
  • Sharp, N.L. - Children's author and educational writing consultant.
  • Sis, Peter - (Official site) Features reviews and excerpts, book related games, and biography of this author/illustrator/filmmaker.
  • Singleton, L.J. - Includes writing tips, book covers, fan letters, book excerpts, and original short stories for kids.
  • Smith, Greg Leitich - (Official site) Fiction writer and author of "Ninjas, children\'s Piranhas and s Galileo". Contain biography, book reviews, writing children's tips, and appearances information.
  • Stewart, Melissa - (Official site) Provides biographical information, information about school children\'s visits, and a list of book titles.
  • Sanford, Jason - Featuring the published literary and children\\'s short stories, s author\'s resume, s biography, and photos.
  • Schwartz, Ellen - (Official site) Information on the Canadian author and her books. Includes questions and answers, fun activities, and guides for teachers.
  • Swope, Sam - (Official site) Includes information about this New York s City based s author and teacher, his work in s schools, sample essays, and s book reviews.
  • Schertle, Alice - (Official site) Author of "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear". Includes news, s biography, and information on her picture and poetry books.
  • Saltzberg, Barney - (Official site) Provides biographical sketch of Barney Saltzberg, listing of children's works, and activities for kids. Also includes some of Saltzberg\\'s children's artwork and music for kids.
  • Suhay, Lisa - (Official site) Author of life-lesson fables. Includes biography, children\'s book reviews, authors and online stories.
  • Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie - (Official site) Includes biography, book reviews and video children\'s introductions, school authors visit information, and speaking schedule.
  • Santoro, Scott - (Official site) About the author/illustrator's books and life.
  • Shan, Darren - (Official site) Includes information about Darren Shan\\'s books, children\'s e-mail link, authors and newsletter.
  • Sampson, Fay - (Official site) Biography with portrait, hobbies, types of authors writing, book children's listing, and sources of ideas.

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