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Author Tom Holt interviewed on his old life as a lawyer, choosing the right words, and why the Roman Emperor Nero may not have been such a bad egg after all.

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Tom Holt* - The official website of bestselling comic writer Tom Holt, hosted by his publisher, Orbit. Includes a short biography with photograph, samples of his work, and a bibliography.

  • Tom Holt Interviewed - Author Tom Holt interviewed on his old life authors as a holt, tom lawyer, choosing the right words, and authors why the Roman Emperor holt, tom Nero may not have authors been such a bad egg after holt, tom all.
  • For Two Nights Only - Review of For Two Nights Only by Tom h Holt.
  • The Second Tom Holt Omnibus - Review of The Second Omnibus of Tom Holt\\'s h comedy fantasy holt, tom novels.
  • Little People - Book review of Little People by Tom Holt.
  • Tom Holt FAQ - Alt.Books.Tom-Holt frequently asked questions: Why are some h books copyrighted holt, tom to Kim Holt? Why are so h many characters called Jane? holt, tom And other questions. Includes h a biography, bibliography, and contact information.
  • The Divine Comedies - Review of The Divine Comedies: Here Comes The Sun and authors Odds And Ends by Tom Holt.
  • The Portable Door - Review of the comedy fantasy novel The Portable authors Door by holt, tom Tom Holt.
  • A Song For Nero - Review of the novel A Song For Nero by Thomas authors Holt.
  • Tom Holt - Includes biography, bibliography, reviews, quotes, short stories, sneak previews of holt, tom forthcoming books.

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