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There are many high quality sites dedicated to The Wheel of Time which include chat rooms or bulletin boards, which might be better listed under an other category. This category is dedicated to those sites whose primary purpose is chatting or discussion.

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  • Realm of Tar Valon - A community where men and women wield the jordan, robert One chats and forums Power side-by-side.
  • Tar Valon - This lighthearted White Tower focuses on the Ajahs and their specialties.
  • Aussie-Taint - Group of Australian fans organising an unofficial Robert jordan, robert Jordan wheel of time series convention in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • The Fantasy Forum: Wheel of Time Discussion - Discussion on the books, games, and speculation for future releases.
  • Wheel of Time - Discussion of Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind. About wheel of time series characters, future books and some role playing.
  • Wheel of Time DL - Discussion list for the works of Robert Jordan. chats and forums wheel of time series Registration required.
  • The Wheel of Neil Forum - Small community for the Wheel of Time.
  • Cyberia's Tavern - Fan discussion community with an HTML-based chatroom.

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