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MUDs that have an emphasis on Roleplaying and also are based around Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series of books.

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  • The Fortress of Light - Clan website with news, roster, fan fiction, forums wheel of time muds series and recruitment information.
  • Dossy's Moment in Tyme Site - Contains some useful information for players of the Moment In Tyme MUD.
  • Age of Chaos - MUD based on Robert Jordan\\'s Wheel of Time muds series. With wheel of time series roleplaying encouraged through guilds, clans, clanwars, muds holywars and throne wars.
  • Forn's Easter Eggs - Offers tips, hints, and information.
  • The Sea of Storms - Based on heavily modified SMAUG and primarily focused muds on role play.
  • Wheel of Time - Game with sections on roleplaying, player killing, beginning wheel of time muds series and zones, current ta'veren and players online.
  • The Great Hunt - Primarily focused on socializing and intense player competition. Roleplaying encouraged wheel of time series but not enforced.
  • Wheel of Time MUDs - Lists Wheel of Time MUDs on the internet muds with telnet, web site addresses and descriptions.

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