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An online magazine for fans of the Gorean Chronicles and their philosophical themes. Consistent monthly publication since 1998. Submissions welcome. Editions from 2006 on include links to German language versions.

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  • John Norman at Wikipedia - User written encyclopedia style entry for this author norman, john and his world of Gor, with passing comment norman, john on modern Goreans and limited cross references.
  • Science Fiction Pioneer John Norman is Back - PRWeb press release heralding the return of the n Gorean Saga authors and the publication of "Witness of n Gor". Includes a brief authors history of the series, n its popularity, questionable cancellation, blacklisting, and authors Internet revival.
  • Locus Index - John Norman - Locus Magazine\\'s SciFi Index listing for this author. n Includes a publishing history and information on various n editions, broken into yearly summaries.
  • Pantheus Books - An online book store specializing in the fantasy/sci-fi norman, john novels of John Norman and Sharon Green.
  • Locus Online: Letter from John Norman - Comments on the continued discrimination by portions of authors the Science norman, john Fiction community against his work and authors contributions to the genre.
  • Gorean Piglet-ism - Parody of Gorean criticism though a farcical comparison authors of Gor authors to the world of "Winnie the authors Pooh".
  • World of Gor - Originally created in partnership with the author, this authors is one authors of the former publishers of his authors novels.
  • Houseplants of Gor - A parody of John Norman's prose style.
  • Philosophy Department - Queens College CUNY - Introduction to the Queens College, City of New York Philosophy Department, written by Professor John F. Lange, Ph.D, whose pen name is "John Norman".
  • Who's this John Norman Guy, Anyway? - An older but detailed biography of the author, including notes authors on his various works and references to articles he has authors written.
  • What is Gor? - An overview of the Gorean novels and the authors world they depict. Includes a detailed history of authors their publication, surrounding controversy, and continued fan involvement.
  • John Norman's Chronicles of Gor - Newest publisher the series - developed in association with John n Norman and e-Reads. Presents the 26 volumes of the saga n in a newly revised form, along with member forums, articles, n an online bookstore, and promises periodic new messages from the n author.
  • Chain Gang - Somewhat biased and opinionated article by Julia Gracen about the online fandom of the Gorean novels.
  • John Norman - Libertarian - Article in "The Advocates" about John Norman\\'s literary n works and n Libertarian politics.
  • Nietzsche, John Norman, and Gor - A collection of quotations and opinions, examining the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche on the world of Gor and its Gorean philosophy.
  • Scifan - John Norman - Author bibliography from Scifan.
  • The Gorean Voice - An online magazine for fans of the Gorean norman, john Chronicles authors and their philosophical themes. Consistent monthly publication norman, john since 1998. authors Submissions welcome. Editions from 2006 on norman, john include links to authors German language versions.
  • Kaissa - The Game - Based on the game described in John Norman\\'s norman, john tales - a rules system developed to present norman, john Kaissa in a playable form.

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