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Tolkien fan fiction, primarily based on the Silmarillion and the history of Middle Earth. Site includes links to other Tolkien resources.

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  • World Within a World - LoTR fan fiction. Mostly Legolas-based.
  • Winter Flowers: Stories by Elanor - Tales of Tooks, Brandybucks and other hobbits, fitted fan works around fan fiction Tolkien's original work and respectful of canon.
  • Ring of Darkness by Nick Perumov - A Russian continuation of Lord of the Rings set 300 fan works years later.
  • Ring around the Merry - Fanfic in which Merry keeps Frodo captive at Crickhollow for the good of the Shire and the salvation of hobbits.
  • Shores of the Sundering Sea - Fan fiction, wallpapers, links, and forums.
  • Elven Country - Fan site dedicated to J.R.R Tolken\\'s Elves with an archive for fan fiction. Also bios. on Tolken\'s elves and a gallery.
  • List of Beta Readers for LOTR Fan Fiction - Reader listings are categorised into male/male, female/female, het, and gen.
  • Ithilwen's Silmarillion Fanfiction Page - Tolkien fan fiction, primarily based on the Silmarillion fan fiction and fan fiction the history of Middle Earth. Site includes fan fiction links to fan fiction other Tolkien resources.
  • Tolkien Fanfiction - Character slash stories by various authors, including Van Donovan and Bron DuWynn.
  • Espresso Recommendations - Reviews of LoTR fan fiction (includes some other fan fiction SFF fan works works).
  • Versaphile: Lord Of The Rings Recommendations - Links to a variety of types of stories that have been reviewed by the site owner.
  • Light In Dark Places - Lord of the Rings fan fiction by Aratlithiel.
  • Stealthnut - Stories and rants by madgirlls, featuring the Fellowship, Mary Sue, tolkien, j. r. r. Sauron, Lurtz, Saruman, and the Balrog.
  • The Light of Valinor - Home of Lailonniel\'s Lord of the Rings fan fiction.
  • True Love - Focus is on the relationship between Eowyn and fan fiction Faramir, fan fiction including how they met.
  • The Tolkien Trail - Choose from humorous writing or serious writing.
  • FanDomination.Net: Lord of the Rings - Lord of the Rings fan fiction archive. Archive fan works contains tolkien, j. r. r. gen, het. and slash.
  • Scribbles - Tolkien fanfiction featuring elves such as Elrond, Elrohir, Elladan, Glorfindel, tolkien, j. r. r. Celebrian and Gil-galad. Mostly cute and fluffy family stories.
  • LOTR Fanfiction Sites - Web ring for sites featuring stories set in Middle-earth.
  • Lindorinanda - Fan fiction and art based around Tolkien's works.
  • Stories of Arda - Author-driven site of tales from Middle Earth.
  • Memoirs Of The Shire - What-If tales set after Frodo and Sam return from their quest to destroy the One Ring.
  • Arkenstone & Valar - A story set in J. R. R. Tolkien\\'s \\'Middle Earth\\', fan fiction telling the story of the \\'Fourth Age\\': some time after fan fiction the events in \'Lord of the Rings'.
  • The Aniron Awards - Panel-judged awards for Aragorn/Arwen fanfiction.
  • In a Green Shade - Tiriel's Frodo and Sam-based stories.
  • There and Back Again: An Elvish Tale - Fan fiction from Lothlorien and Mirkwood.
  • Thranduil - Stories about elves and men, with the main focus on fan works the King of Mirkwood, Thranduil.
  • Henneth Annun Story Archive - Archive of fan fiction based around the creative fan fiction universe tolkien, j. r. r. of J.R.R. Tolkien. Postings are moderated.
  • Lord of The Rings Fan Fiction - A place for LotR and actor related fiction.
  • The Mithril Awards - The Mithril Awards honour excellence in fan fiction, tolkien, j. r. r. poetry and critical essays relating to The Lord tolkien, j. r. r. of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and tolkien, j. r. r. other works by JRR Tolkien.
  • Romenna - Writing and programming workshop with a selection of works by tolkien, j. r. r. members, and a few stories by non-members.
  • By the Blood of Gondor - Fan fiction archive of the LOTR characters.

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