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Aims to list all the British editions of the published writings of Tolkien and to illustrate textual and wrapper changes.

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  • Grey Havens - Articles, links, and news.
  • The New York Times: The Tolkien Archives - Original book reviews, trivia quiz, and a cover art slide t show.
  • The Tolkien Wiki - WikiWeb dedicated to the literary works of Prof. J.R.R. Tolkien t with biographic and bibliographic information.
  • JRR Tolkien: A Collection - Fan\\'s online catalogue of his LOTR collecting addiction resources (books, videos etc).
  • Middle Earth Talk - Discussion forums about Lord of The Rings, Tolkien, t The Silmarillion resources and his other works.
  • My Precious - Includes an archive of information, movie information, BBC t WAV files, resources games, art gallery, and a discussion t forum. [Flash required]
  • An Illustrated Tolkien Bibliography - Aims to list all the British editions of tolkien, j. r. tolkien, j. r. r. r. the published writings of Tolkien and to illustrate tolkien, j. tolkien, j. r. r. r. r. textual and wrapper changes.
  • The Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site - Guided tours of Middle-earth, 111-question quiz, and specials.
  • The Barrow-Downs - Includes a postcard creator, searchable encyclopedia, articles, and a picture resources gallery.
  • Tolkien Library - Source for Tolkien book collectors, with a descriptive resources and illustrated resources bibliography.
  • Culture of Gondor - Dedicated to Gondor's weapons, geography and people.
  • Mordor: The Land of Shadow - Profiles of evil in Middle-earth, with an emphasis t on Mordor. tolkien, j. r. r. [Flash required]
  • Ted Nasmith - Official web site of the illustrator best known t for his paintings based on the works of t Tolkien.
  • FAQ of the Rings - Answers to questions about the Rings of Power, tolkien, j. r. resources r. by Stan Brown.
  • Planet Tolkien - News, articles, and a discussion board.
  • Lord Of The Rings Fantasy World - Biography, forums, and chat room.
  • Lord of the Rings Home Page - Essays, quotes, movie news, art, and links.
  • World of J.R.R. Tolkien - Biography, synopses and analyses of "The Hobbit," "Lord tolkien, j. r. t r. of the Rings" and "The Silmarillion." Links tolkien, j. t r. r. and movie reviews.
  • Canon? No, Fanon! - Identifies fanon in Tolkien's fandom.
  • The Tolkien Trail - Includes games, fan fiction, MP3s, fan art, Entmoot tolkien, j. r. t r. discussion board, and collectibles.

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