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Author of the mystery series that includes crosswords in every book. Includes a biography, information about the books, and a listing of events.

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  • Barr, Nevada - Author of the series featuring Anna Pigeon, a b park ranger. Biography, information about her books, and b mailing list are included.
  • Bissell, Sallie - Writes a series of thrillers set in the Appalachian mountains about half-Cherokee Mary Crow. Biographical information, synopses, and excerpts are presented.
  • Burcell, Robin - Author and police officer. Includes excerpts and a biography.
  • Bardin, John Franklin - This site chronicles the work of John Franklin Bardin and b includes a complete bibliography and synopses as well as a b lot of unique supporting materials.
  • Brown, Molly - Includes information about the author, her books and authors a virtual b tour of Restoration London.
  • Barrett, Dean - Author of several mystery and detective novels. Features descriptions, excerpts authors and reviews of the books.
  • Bailey, Bill - Biography, excerpts, and photo gallery.
  • Benoit, Charles - Personal page of the author of Relative Danger. Includes mystery short stories, freelance articles and cartoons.
  • Bonett, Emery - British novelist and playwright. Includes a photo, bibliography, b and message board.
  • Blauner, Peter - A detailed analysis of the plot, setting, characters, theme, and structure of his best novels, and links to other novels with similar writing styles. From
  • Bishop, Maggie - Writes of adventures and diversions in the North mystery Carolina Appalachians. Biography, reviews and excerpts.
  • Boone, Jack W. - Features information about the author, book summaries, and mystery ordering details.
  • Bateman, Colin - Official site of the Northern Irish author and mystery screen-writer offers mystery details of titles, new releases, latest mystery news and contact information.
  • Burges, Dennis - Writes historical thrillers. Biography, information about the books, b and list of upcoming appearances.
  • Bartlett, Joan - Author of the Nice Skates series of malice mystery domestic mysteries b set in an ice skating arena. mystery Features a brief profile b of the author and mystery description of the novels.
  • Bell, James Scott - Writes contemporary thrillers and historical suspense novels. Biography, synopses, and tips for writers are included.
  • Brightwell, Emily - Official site of the author of the Mrs. Jeffries mystery authors series.
  • Black, J. Carson - Biography, excerpt of Darkness on the Edge of mystery Town, and authors photos.
  • Biehl, Michael - Author of Doctored Evidence, a legal/medical thriller about a murder disguised as an operating room accident. Includes an excerpt and reviews.
  • Bingham, Linda S. - Author of the John and Mary Bolt mysteries. mystery Includes book authors excerpts, tour schedule, biography, and information mystery about her web design authors services.
  • Brogan, Mike - Author\'s official website includes biography, reviews, and purchasing information.
  • Blevins, Meredith - Writer of Annie Szabo novels featuring Gypsy lore and magic. authors Includes a bio, reviews and excerpts.
  • Borg, Todd - Todd Borg is the author of the new mystery Owen McKenna mystery thrillers.
  • Brett, Alex - Author of the Morgan O\\'Brien series featuring an investigator specialized in research fraud. Includes a biography, excerpts, news, and links.
  • Bailey, Frankie Y. - Criminal justice professor and author. Novel synopses and mystery excerpts, biography, b character profiles, newsletter and bulletin board.
  • Baker, Deb - Author of the Gertie Johnson Yooper series and the Gretchen authors Birch doll collecting mysteries. Contains a biography, synopses, mailing list, authors and information about appearances.
  • Billheimer, John - Author of Owen Allison series. Biography, book reviews and descriptions, mystery and tour dates are featured.
  • Benrey, Ron and Janet - Home of the Royal Tunbridge Wells series. Excerpts, authors photos, information about tea, and a combined biography authors are presented.
  • Brant, Lucinda - Writer of historical mysteries and historical romances set authors in Georgian (1760s) England. Biography, gallery of photos, authors and excerpts.
  • Banfelder, Robert J. - Contains reviews and excerpts from the psychological thriller, mystery No Stranger mystery Than I, as well as a mystery biography and information on mystery the author's other works.
  • Baker, John - Author of the Sam Turner series of novels.
  • Beaton, M.C. - Analysis of the plot, setting, characters, theme, and b structure of the author\\'s works, and links to b other novels with similar writing styles.
  • Brookins, Carl - Biography, excerpts, reviews, bibliography, list of appearances, and mystery photo gallery.
  • Brogan, Jan - Freelance journalist and author. Features a biography, list mystery of events, and a contest.
  • Blanc, Nero - Author of the mystery series that includes crosswords in every book. Includes a biography, information about the books, and a listing of events.
  • Bludis, Jack - Official site features a brief biography and information mystery about his mystery books and stories.
  • Bayer, William - Information about the author (aka David Hunt) and his novels.
  • Burke, Jan - Author of the Irene Kelly series.
  • Bennett, Carol - Features a prologue and review of her first novel, Unspoken Dream, links, and guestbook.
  • Barnes, Linda - Creator of the Carlotta Carlyle series.
  • Beske, Alan - Author of Ancient Legacies Unleashed. Includes biographical information authors and reviews.
  • Browning, Sinclair - Author of the Trade Ellis southwestern mystery series.
  • Bramwell, Neil D. - Official site of the New York writer. Includes authors an excerpt authors and news.

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