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Author of The Hawkenlye Mysteries, a set of novels set in medieval England. Information about the author, sample chapters, and resources related to the books.

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  • Connolly, John - Official website.
  • Colombo, Judith Woolcock - Features a biography as well as excerpts and reviews of mystery her novels.
  • Crais, Robert - Official site for information on author\\'s work, awards mystery and tours. Elvis Cole mystery novels are highlighted mystery and excerpted.
  • Carlson, P.M. - Photos, biography, and information about the Deputy Marty Hopkins series c and the Bridget Mooney short historical mysteries.
  • Connelly, Michael - Official site containing the entire book collection of mystery Harry Bosch c novels, as well as The Poet mystery and Blood Work. c Filled with excerpts, information, mystery interviews, photos, and a message board.
  • Clare, Alys - Author of The Hawkenlye Mysteries, a set of authors novels set in medieval England. Information about the authors author, sample chapters, and resources related to the authors books.
  • Coleman, Evelyn - Author of What A Woman\\'s Gotta Do featuring Patricia Conely. Includes news, excerpts, and pages for kids.
  • Coleman, Reed Farrel - Writes the Dylan Klein and Moe Prager series. mystery Biography, synopses, trivia, and photos are featured.
  • Cannell, Stephen J. - Bestelling mystery author and emmy-award winning producer and c screenwriter of c over 40 television shows.
  • Corcoran, Tom - Includes information about the Alex Rutledge series, book c covers, biography, c and appearance schedule.
  • Cutler, Judith - The crime novels of Birmingham UK author Judith mystery Cutler featuring mystery Sophie Rivers and Kate Power
  • Craig, Philip R. - Official site from the author of the J.W. Jackson series. Book descriptions, schedule of appearances, biography, and recipes are provided.
  • Coalson, Les - Brief biography, list of appearances, and contact details.
  • Cloud, Jennifer - Synopses, cover images and ordering details.
  • Campbell, Chester D. - Home of the series featuring retired OSI Agent Greg McKenzie. c Includes information on the author and his books, reviews, interviews, c list of appearances, and photos.
  • Christmas, Joyce - Author of the Betty Trenka series and the Lady Margaret c Priam series.
  • Caris, John - Presents an online mystery novel involving a championship c chess match and computer-hacking at the Federal Reserve c Bank. Includes information for ordering the paperback c version.
  • Crum, Laura - Author of series involving equine veternarian Gail McCarthy.
  • Cameron, Dana - Writes the Emma Fielding series of archaeological mysteries. c Synopses, gallery of photos, profile, and calendar of c events are presented.
  • Cobb, L.B. - Author of legal thrillers. Features synopses, reviews, excerpts, c list of c appearances, and interview.
  • Camacho, Austin S. - Author\\'s own site which features excerpts, reviews, news, c list of upcoming events, and character (Hannibal Jones) c profile.
  • Chittenden, Margaret - Author of the mystery series featuring Charlie Plato. Includes mystery author biography, publicity schedule and writing tips for aspiring authors.
  • Cannon, Taffy - Author of the Nan Robinson mystery series. mystery Includes a biography, interview and list of upcoming mystery appearances.
  • Cohen, Nancy - Author of "The Bad Hair Mysteries" starring hairstylist c sleuth Marla authors Shore. Includes mystery news, research notes, c author biography, and information authors about signings and appearances.
  • Collins, Max Allan - A collection of book covers.
  • Craft, Michael - Official site of the author of the Michael Manning series.
  • Clark, Mary Higgins - Features information about the author, her books and her characters.
  • Conard, Mark T. - Features biography, interview, synopses, and CV.
  • Cornelius, Mirika Mayo - Features a brief biography and information about her authors work.
  • Cook, Alan - Features book descriptions and reviews, excerpts, and information mystery about the authors author's interests.
  • Chadwick, DA - Author of the Harry Dolan series. Includes information c about the novels and links.
  • Carr, John Dickson - Fan site featuring book synopses, links, and message authors board.
  • Chacko, David - Information about the author\\'s novels, including covers, excerpts authors and ordering information.
  • Copling, Steve - The official site of the author of the Rush/Chinbroski series. Includes biography, excerpts, reviews, and news.
  • Carson, Cathy A. - Writes the series that features female P.I. Sammy Jo White. Character profiles and book information.

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