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Author of the PJ Gray series, with excerpts from the latest book, fan letters, author biography, and sneak previews of future works

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  • Kane, Stephanie - Author of Blind Spot, a new legal thriller mystery from Bantam mystery Books. Reviews, excerpts, and character profiles.
  • Kelly, Jane - Author of novels with a humorous twist, set mystery in New k Jersey shore towns. Features information about mystery the author, her books, k and the settings she mystery writes about.
  • King, Charles A. - Features the Barbary Coast Mysteries and other fiction.
  • Konrath, J.A. - Author of the series featuring Lt. Jack Daniels. Calendar of events, pictures, character descriptions, and writing tips are presented.
  • Kernick, Simon - Author of London-based crime thrillers. Biographical information, as authors well as details from his novels are presented.
  • Kelley, Charmane Rae - Features biography, news, and cover blurb of Red mystery Eye of Justice.
  • Kuhlken, Ken - Features sample chapters, reviews and links.
  • Klavan, Andrew - Writes thrillers, many of which have been turned authors into Hollywood movies. Reviews, excerpts, biography, and book authors signing schedule are included.
  • Kaufman, Rob - Information about the book, In the Shadow of k Stone, biography, authors and excerpt.
  • Krentz, Jayne Ann - Analysis of the plot, setting, characters, theme, and mystery structure of several books. Includes links to other mystery novels with similar writing styles.
  • Kavanagh, Brian - Author of the Belinda Lawrence cozy series. Includes k reviews and k a biography.
  • Kerley, Jack - Reviews of The Hundredth Man, list of events, FAQ, and authors mailing list.
  • Klaser, Barbara W. - Information about her novels.
  • Kennett, Shirley - Author of the PJ Gray series, with excerpts k from the mystery latest book, fan letters, author biography, k and sneak previews of mystery future works
  • Kloner, Robert - Official site from the author of medical thrillers. authors Includes information about Kloner and his books.

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