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Romance book trading site. Trade list broken down into authors and includes and wish list and audio book trade list.

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  • My Library - Romance book trader with a list of romance genres books for romance trade, a wish list and links genres to romance book sites.
  • Secret Reader Pals - Discuss, sell, buy and trade romance books. genres Features a traders secret pal exchange.
  • Tina's Haven of Romance Novels - Listing of books for trade or sale. genres Mostly romance novels, with some non-romance titles, music, genres and movies.
  • My Books - A site with love story books, and Mills and Boon.
  • Jill's Romance Trading Page - A place to buy/trade romance novels.
  • Daria's Bookbox - Romance book trading site. Check out the trade and romance wish lists.
  • Kanchb's Books for Trade - Includes trade lists for mostly romance books. A genres wishlist is also included.
  • Gypsy's Romance Book Traders - Romance book trading club, featuring book lists which romance include Harlequin romance and Silhouette series books. Also romance available are Nora Roberts romance novels.
  • Trish's Trade List and Wish List - Includes books for trade and the books that can be romance traded for them.
  • Good Books Resources - Resource websites for discussing, locating, trading, buying, and romance selling, used/new genres books.
  • Ali Cat's Books - Romance book trader. Includes a listing of romance books available romance for trade and a wish list romance of wanted books.
  • Beth's Trading Page - Contains lists of Silhouette and Harlequin romance books traders for trading.
  • Sandi's Historical Romance Trading Site - Includes lists of available books, wish lists and links to historical romance book sites.
  • Swan by Grace - Romance book trader with list of books to romance trade, wish list and links to favorite authors.
  • Find A Book Wish List Message Board - This is a message board to list fiction books that romance you want to buy.
  • Angie's Romance Book Trading Page - Includes available trade and wish lists along with genres a list of other traders.
  • Raquel's Romance Novel Trading Site - Romance book trading site. Trade list broken romance down into traders authors and includes and wish list romance and audio book trade traders list.
  • Charlotte's Book Trades - Romance book trading lists broken down by category. Also traders features a wish list and non romance book list.
  • Texas Book Traders - Romance book trading lists with trade rules and wish lists.
  • The Exchange - A place to trade romance books including fantasy, traders historicals, series, paranormal and contemporary.
  • Aussie Romance Book Swap Club - This club is for anyone who loves reading romance romance novels and lives in either Australia or romance New Zealand. You can sell, romance buy, trade, or just simply talk about your romance favourite books here.
  • Misties Romance Book Trading Page - US book trader with lists of available trades and wish traders lists.

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