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Site dedicated to the author's works. Biography, bibliography, the Uplift universe, artwork, two humorous short stories contributed by Brin, and Brin's review of "The Postman" movie.

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David Brin's Official Site* - The author's own personal website. Includes sample chapters from his novels, short stories and non-fiction articles.

  • MetroActive Books: David Brin - An article about the author\\'s thesis on the Transparent Society, and one about the author and his work.
  • The Transparent Society - "The cameras are coming. They\\'re getting smaller and nothing will b stop them. The only question is: who watches whom?". A b December 1996 article by the author about the Transparent Society, b from Wired Magazine.
  • David Brin - Structured reviews of several of the author's novels.
  • Planetary Society Interview: David Brin - Interview with the author about his motivations as brin, david a authors writer, the creative process, and going to brin, david Mars.
  • Science Fiction Weekly Interview: David Brin - 1996 interview with the author, from the Science brin, david Fiction b Weekly web site.
  • Gaia, Freedom, and Human Nature - "Some ironies on the way to creating the network of authors the future". The author\\'s 1992 speech given at the Library authors and Information Technology Association.
  • Heaven's Reach - A review of the author\\'s 1998 novel, last authors in the authors "Uplift Storm" trilogy.
  • Colin Glassey on David Brin - Reviews of various novels by the author.
  • The Works of David Brin - Site dedicated to the author\\'s works. Biography, bibliography, the Uplift authors universe, artwork, two humorous short stories contributed by Brin, and authors Brin\'s review of "The Postman" movie.
  • The Life Eaters - Review of The Life Eaters by David Brin authors and Scott brin, david Hamilton. Illustrated SF graphic novel about authors an alternative reality World brin, david War II.
  • Kil'n People - Book review of the Brin novel Kil'n People.
  • Infinity's Shore and Heaven's Reach - Infinity Plus reviews of the second and third books in b the author's "Uplift Storm" trilogy.
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  • Contrary Brin - Hugo-Award-winning science-fiction author David Brin on science, technology, politics, and especially the future.[ATOM]

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