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  • Softlights Sins - A short story.
  • Interview - Transcript of an interview conducted at an SF hamilton, peter f. hamilton, peter f. convention in 1996. At the end there are hamilton, peter f. hamilton, peter f. questions from the audience.
  • Misspent Youth - Review of the SF novel Misspent Youth by Peter F. hamilton, peter f. Hamilton.
  • The Fireside Bookreader - Bibliography, reviews and links.
  • Peter F Hamilton - Official website of Peter F Hamilton. It contains news, events, h biography, bibliography and dedicated sections for several his series.
  • Tangled Web - Reviews and quotes from other reviews.
  • SFBook.com - Hamilton - Reviews of all Peter F. Hamilton novels. Interview about The hamilton, peter f. Nights Dawn Trilogy. Interview about Fallen Dragon.
  • Night's Dawn - A detailed web guide to Night's Dawn Trilogy.

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