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The Heinlein Society* - Endorsed by his estate and exists to preserve the various works and legacy of Heinlein. Offers information about programs for supplying libraries, academic and literary outreach efforts, membership benefits, and Heinlein's favorite charity, blood drives.
Site: Robert A. Heinlein* - Offers frequently-asked-questions regarding Heinlein's life and works, with audio clips, photographs, essays and reader's guide information.

  • IMDb: Robert A. Heinlein - Filmography as screenwriter and biographical information.
  • Robert A. Heinlein, Science Fiction Writer - Listings of works cross referenced by publisher.
  • The Templeton Gate - Offers overview of future history storylines, author biography, juvenile novels summaries and book covers, style analyses, and commentary expressing "reservations" with regard to some common elements pervasive throughout Heinlein's works.
  • The Universe as Fiction - Combined reviews of some novels and links to other reviews.
  • Future History - Pictorial depiction of the "Future History" derived from authors "The Past h Through Tomorrow."
  • Robert Anson Heinlein - Archived usenet posting containing a definitive listing of heinlein, robert a. all of Heinlein\\'s works and eulogy as it heinlein, robert a. appeared in the Boston Globe.
  • Heinlein in Dimension - Critical commentary of Heinlein\\'s works by Alexei Panshin, h discussing myriad influences and themes.
  • Robert A. Heinlein, Dean of Science Fiction Writers - Provides chronological listings, brief synopses, and reviews of novels, with authors essays, audio recordings of interviews, book cover art, and news.
  • The Robert A. Heinlein Page - Offers comparison of Heinlein with Mark Twain and heinlein, robert a. h provides story timelines, chronological listings of works, brief heinlein, robert a. h biography, and pictures of "The Starship Troopers" board heinlein, robert a. h game.
  • The Heinlein Juveniles - Collection of commentaries by Joseph T. Major regarding authors the juvenile novels written for Scribner's.
  • Heinlein's Predictions - A detailed list of all the predictions made by Heinlein h in some of his essays, analyzed to see what has h come true and what has not.
  • Thoughts on Starship Troopers - Contrasts Paul Verhoeven\\'s interpretations of the "Starship Troopers" novel with heinlein, robert a. the actual perceived intentions of the author.
  • Illustrated List of Heinlein Fiction - Illustrated listings of published fiction, sorted by publication heinlein, robert a. date and includes locations of publications and original heinlein, robert a. novel cover art.
  • The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana - J. Neil Schulman\\'s 1973 interview with Robert Heinlein, h and information h about its publication.
  • Heinlein Studies - Association which aims to encourage critical dialogue and heinlein, robert a. academic inquiry into Robert A. Heinlein, his work, heinlein, robert a. and his influence.
  • The Heinlein Prize - Cash award of $500,000 for practical accomplishments in authors the field heinlein, robert a. of commercial space activities.
  • Heinlein Timelines - Annotated timelines from both the "Future History" and "The Moon heinlein, robert a. is a Harsh Mistress" storylines.
  • It's Great to Be Back - Section of a book dealing with science fiction writers and heinlein, robert a. offers a review of this story.
  • L'Envoi List: The Number of the Beast Characters - Archived Usenet posting attempting to match characters mentioned heinlein, robert a. heinlein, robert a. in the "L\\'Envoi" chapter of the "The Number heinlein, robert a. heinlein, robert a. of the Beast" with their respective books in heinlein, robert a. heinlein, robert a. which they first appeared.
  • Omega Quadrant: The Works of Robert A. Heinlein - Offers ratings for full collection of novels with heinlein, robert a. h supporting reviews.
  • Stranger In a Strange Land Cover Art - Scans of the covers, discussion of their history, and personal heinlein, robert a. reflections on the book.

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