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  • Postviews - Review of \'The Star Fraction\' and \'The Stone macleod, ken Canal'
  • SFF Net - 'The Stone Canal' Review
  • The Cassini Division - Danny Yee reviews MacLeod's The Cassini Division.
  • SFBook - Reviews of all the works of Ken Macleod.
  • Dark Light - Review of Dark Light, Engines Of Light: Book macleod, ken 2, macleod, ken by Ken MacLeod.
  • Infinity Plus - Review of 'The Stone Canal'
  • Engine City - Book review of Engine City, Engines Of Light m Book 3, macleod, ken by Ken MacLeod.
  • Newton's Wake - Review of the novel Newton\'s Wake by Ken m Macleod.
  • Salon Books - A Trotskyist libertarian cyberpunk? Review of \'The Cassini m Division'
  • Technology - The Linux jihad. A review of \\'Cosmonaut Keep\\' the first book in the new Engines of Light series. Includes musing on Linux and Hacker influences in Cosmonaut Keep and modern SF.

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