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Bibliographies and themes in science fiction and fantasy. E.g. sites which focus on a common theme in SFF such as 'cats in science fiction and fantasy', 'lesbians in SFF', 'asteroid impacts in science fiction' or 'the evolution of the portrayal of ethnic minorities in SFF.'

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See Also:
  • The Moon in Science Fiction - Bibliography of SF novels dealing with the moon.
  • The Locus Index to Science Fiction - Bibliographical database of novels and short stories published bibliographies and themes science fiction after 1983. From the US trade journal for bibliographies and themes science fiction the genre.
  • Classics of Science Fiction - Site devoted to identifying the classic books of bibliographies and themes science fiction.
  • Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy - List of SFF novels and shorter works somehow genres certified kosher.
  • Transformation Stories List - Books and stories with shapeshifting (werewolves, and nanotechnology) genres as a science fiction theme. Searchable, with brief descriptions and genres reviews.
  • Steampunk - Portal for SFF - includes links to author bibliographies and themes websites, and direct links to online texts.
  • Religion in SF/F Literature - Includes c. 2000 references to real churches, religions, science fiction and genres tribes in science fiction novels and short science fiction stories.
  • Utopian and Dystopian Theses and Dissertations - Listing of around 2000 theses and dissertations about science fiction SFF science fiction utopian and dystopian literature.
  • Islam and Science Fiction - Resource on Islam as it appears in science fiction books bibliographies and themes and cinema.
  • - SFF books written by women. Broken down science fiction by bibliographies and themes author and type of story.
  • Bibliography of Mormon Speculative Fiction - Works published by or about Mormon SFF writers, science fiction including novels, short stories, articles, and interviews.
  • Uchronia: The Alternate History List - Annotated bibliography of novels, stories and essays involving the \'what science fiction ifs' of history.

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