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Novel in which Bush, Putin, and Mrs Thatcher are spacenapped and taken to an intergalactic zoo by aliens. However, the most important passengers are Whale rockstars.

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  • Mels Independent Film Making and Writing Site - Examples of SFF multimedia projects.
  • Shades of Toad - The Artwork and Literature of Kevin Lane. Contains e-books PDF chapters e-books of his online books.
  • Drake, Derand - Official site for the Starcruiser Falcon e-book by science fiction Derand e-books Drake.
  • Barnes, J. Brandon - Christian SF, self published on-line only, in HTML and Acrobat e-books format.
  • Slodantown 2004. - E-book set in a dark cyberpunk future.
  • Dream Sequence - PDF downloads of SFF author Steve Lazarowitz\\'s self-published science fiction works [paid].
  • Graham, Thomas - Sample chapter from an as yet unpublished e-book, science fiction Dark science fiction Moon Rising.
  • The Sci-Fi Realm of Elbert Lewis, Jr. - Online novel, including a brief biography and the science fiction first science fiction chapter of his book.
  • Tuttle, Richard S. - E-book fantasy author Richard S. Tuttle's site.
  • Gormglaith - Radical feminist separatist literature set in a scientifically science fiction plausible e-books future.
  • Corollary Theorems - Science and SF eBook publisher.
  • Alonzo, Sean - Official site of occult e-book author Sean-Alonzo, exploring symbolism, alternative e-books history, philosophy, secret societies and other areas of the esoteric e-books tradition.
  • Auran Warrior Saga - Self-published online fantasy fiction, the Auran Warrior Saga, by Andrew science fiction Spriggs.
  • Jolie Howard Fiction - Online e-stories, some sensual sci-fi, some erotic or electronic text archives science fiction fantasy, and some mainstream.
  • Pellerin, Bob - Official site for the e-book author.
  • Life on the Jupiter Moon - Ebook of author Shane Kennedy\\'s life on the electronic text archives e-books Jupiter Moon.
  • Corvidae, Elaine - Official site for fantasy e-book author Elaine Corvidae.
  • Gillette, Glenn Lewis - Excerpts from this small-press author's e-book writings.
  • Descending Circles - Ascending Earth - John Eric Ellison's e-book, Descending Circles: Ascending Earth.
  • The Zoo - Novel in which Bush, Putin, and Mrs Thatcher science fiction are science fiction spacenapped and taken to an intergalactic zoo science fiction by aliens. science fiction However, the most important passengers are science fiction Whale rockstars.
  • Jim Schicatano's Short Stories - Stories published online - science fiction, horror and e-books fantasy - e-books by author Jim Schicatano.
  • The Shopkeeper's Son - E-Book by Daniel Green set 500 years in electronic text archives science fiction the future.
  • The Star Spawn Saga - Online stories by Thomas Nevin Huber, originally written in the early 1990s.
  • Burns, Anthony - Synopsis of an online novel with an extract, science fiction a link to the publisher and a short science fiction bio of the author.
  • The Other World - Cyrano de Bergerac\\'s classic novel of early science science fiction fiction. e-books Includes hypertext notes and commentary.
  • Scott, Jody - Articles and information on the science fiction of science fiction e-book e-books author Jody Scott.

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