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Fill in the end words of the first six-line stanza and the site will list the order of the words in the rest of the poem.

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  • Sestina: Altaforte - By Ezra Pound. Perhaps the most famous modern forms use of the form.
  • The Sestina Page - A webpage devoted to the sestina form, with a large fixed verse forms online archive of examples.
  • Moo World Order: Sestina Creator - Fill in the end words of the first six-line stanza forms and the site will list the order of the words forms in the rest of the poem.
  • Sestina in the Computer Age - By Scott Reid.
  • Island Sestina - A sestina by Kathleen Craker Firestone, at the Northern Michigan forms Journal's website.
  • Sestinas: Browse, or Build Your Own - A template for creating sestinas.
  • Sestina - A brief definition and description from a course at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • The Shrinking Lonesome Sestina - By Miller Williams. Part of a larger site called The fixed verse forms Wondering Minstrels.
  • McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Sestinas - A site that posts submissions of sestinas only. forms The quality fixed verse forms varies.
  • The Krenek Sestinas - By Don Mager. A set of six related forms sestinas both forms echoing and about the music and forms life of Ernst Krenek, forms a serial composer. Part forms of Eclectica Magazine v2n2.
  • Poetic Form: Sestina - An explanation of the form with a link forms to Ashberry\\'s forms "Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a forms Landscape" and an explanation forms of Marie Ponsot\\'s redaction forms of the form, the "tritina." From forms the Academy forms of American Poets.
  • My Sestina - Sestina by S.K. Iyer.
  • Complete 360 - A brief description and history of the sestina fixed verse forms form with examples.
  • Poetry Form - The Sestina. - A description and explanation of the form, with forms examples and sestina a step-by-step guide to writing one.
  • Sestinas for Free - A collection by Nicholas Gordon that can be sestina used free forms for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
  • Sestina of the Tramp-Royal - By Rudyard Kipling, in Cockney dialect. Part of sestina the DayPoems fixed verse forms Poetry Collection edited by Timothy Bovee.

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