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A poem of seven lines inspired by a poem by Anna Akhmatova. The first three lines contain three elements (names, objects, etc.), the second three lines another three elements, and the last line some sort of denouement. Although no meter or rhyme scheme is specified, the poem is normally divided into two three-line stanzas and a solitary seventh line.

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  • Five Sevenlings - By Sherman Alexie. In Mudlark Flash No. 48 fixed verse forms (January 2009).
  • Four Sevenlings - By Yolanda Calderon-Horn. Second Place Winner, November 2005 sevenling InterBoard Poetry Competition.
  • Sevenlings - A description of the form with the poem forms by Anna Akhmatova that inspired it, plus two forms examples. By Roddy Lumsden in The American Poetry forms Journal.

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