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A sonnet that describes the "personality" of a sonnet. With html code for transferring the sonnet to your site and links to "personality quizzes" for other poetic forms.

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  • Sonnets by Spenser - A selection from various sources.
  • John Donne - Holy Sonnets - Nineteen sonnets on religious themes.
  • Golden Age Sonnets - Translations of Spanish sonnets (with original Spanish texts) fixed verse forms by such poets as Luis de Gongora, Lope fixed verse forms de Vega, and Miguel de Cervantes.
  • Sonnets for Free - A collection by Nicholas Gordon that can be fixed verse forms forms used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.
  • Poetry: Sonnets - "classic collections, modern examples, definitions of the various sonnet forms, essays and exercises for sonneteers."
  • Diana - A sonnet sequence by Henry Constable (not translated into modern forms English).
  • Brother and Sister - An eleven sonnet sequence by George Eliot.
  • Shakespeare's Sonnets - The complete sonnets with an analysis and translation fixed verse forms forms into Modern English of selected poems.
  • Empire Arts Resource - Sonnets by Michael J. Farrand.
  • Poetry Knowledge Zone: The Soulful Sonnet - Explanation, history, and step-by-step writing instructions by Smitha fixed verse forms Chakravarthula. Includes examples.
  • The Sonnets to Orpheus - 55 sonnets by Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Howard A. forms Landman.
  • Michael Peach’s Site for Lovers of the English Sonnet - The poet\\'s own English sonnets and a selection sonnet from his forms favorite classic poets.
  • Toru Dutt: Sonnet - Written in 1876 by an Indian woman raised forms in France. From Volume 2 of an anthology forms entitled, "Reading About the World."
  • Sonnet Central - "An archive of English sonnets, commentary, pictures, audio, sonnet and relevant fixed verse forms web links."
  • Sonnet Writers - Past and present sonnets and commentary. New sonnets welcome.
  • The Sonnet - A brief description and definition of the sonnet form(s).
  • The Mediadrome - Words - Poetry: The Fixed Forms - Sonnets - Description by John Stringer of the sonnet in fixed verse forms its various forms, with examples of each type.
  • Coelia - A series of love sonnets by William Percy (1594), in forms undiluted Elizabethan English.
  • Personality Quiz - What Poetry Form Am I? - A sonnet that describes the "personality" of a sonnet. With forms html code for transferring the sonnet to your site and forms links to "personality quizzes" for other poetic forms.
  • An Italian Sonnet - By James DeFord.
  • Sonnets from the Portuguese - Text of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's sonnets.
  • Delia - A sonnet sequence by Samuel Daniel (not translated fixed verse forms fixed verse forms into modern English).

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