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A hodge-podge of links and goodies from a current-day Beatnik. Includes links to resources on Kerouac, Ginsberg, Bukowski, et al.

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See Also:
  • The Liverpool poets - An introduction to Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten, and their association with the Beat poets of America and the Pop Art movement
  • Hotel Boheme - "Beat Poetry" pages at the website for the actual hotel ". . . specially designed to reflect the culture and taste of late fifties North Beach San Francisco."
  • William Blake and Allen Ginsberg - Undergraduate thesis comparing their poetic viewpoints.
  • The Beatnik Blues Cafe - "The Beatnik Blues Cafe is a virtual hangout beat of art, poetry music, creativity, and casual insanity."
  • The Blacklisted Journalist - Includes archived texts of "The Beat Papers of Al Aronowitz."
  • The Cosmic Baseball Association - "The CBA is a baseball league of the imagination." Defies poetry easy description, but it\\'s probably a good introduction to current poetry Beat consciousness and thinking.
  • Buck's Beat Page - A hodge-podge of links and goodies from a beat current-day Beatnik. beat Includes links to resources on Kerouac, beat Ginsberg, Bukowski, et al.
  • The Reading Mind of The Mystic Fool - Beat poetry, thoughts, ramblings: ~100 full-streaming mode RealAudio files.
  • Beat Generation Resources - "Beat Generation FAQ and Resources." Beat-links and answers genres to questions Beat.

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