Interactive Poetry Literature new media network. Ted Warnell's work is some of the most zenny elegant visual design you'll run across. Funny and thoughtful, simple and strong. You'll leave feeling you didn't get it all and you'd be right.

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See Also:
  • Sue Thomas - Sue is the director of Trace.
  • Ray Kurzweil's Cybernetic Poet - Creates "language models" based on poets and helps you find rhymes, alliterations, turns of phrase, and has a screen saver that writes poetry. Download basic version for free.
  • Stream of Consciousness - An interactive poetic garden.
  • LimGen: The Limerick Generator - Creates limericks based on the words you provide.
  • UBU Web: Visual + Concrete + Sound Poetry - A learned, varietous, and rewarding assortment of links and works interactive concerning visual/concrete poetry, including a knowledgeable historical perspective on visual/concrete interactive poetry and many links to international contemporary work.
  • - new media network. Ted Warnell\\'s work is interactive some of the most zenny elegant visual design interactive you\\'ll run across. Funny and thoughtful, simple and interactive strong. You\\'ll leave feeling you didn\\'t get it interactive all and you'd be right.
  • E-Poetry 2001 - An International Digital Poetry Festival held in Buffalo, New York, April 19-21, 2001. A convocation of digital poets and artists to focus on the state of art of digital poetry.
  • Snakeskin - Poetry magazine specialized in hypertext and intertext works.
  • Electronic Poetry Center - E-poetry; radio show LINEbreak; poetics email forum.
  • The Seven By Nine Squares - An early and innovative Web project headed by poetry Florian Kramer. poetry Wild and ranging, great read. Includes poetry much Neoism and some poetry of (the late?) David poetry Zack\\'s writings about Neoism as well poetry as others poetry involved in this interesting piece of art. For poetry poetry instance, Monty Ca
  • Riding the Meridian - ... exists to seek out and support new forms of literary art based on Internet technology and emerging theories, to facilitate communication within the online literary community, to recognize unique poetic talent and support emerging voices, to explore th
  • React - REaCT is a beautiful artistic experience, based on poetry interaction, response and rectangles. (Honorific Mention in Ars poetry Electronica 1999)
  • Here Comes the Sun - Explores (un)known locales with poetic text and nontourist pictures. An literature experiment in communication and texture.
  • RE: Words and Works for the Cyber Age - Word and visual works for the Web by interactive German artist literature and educator Reiner Strasser.
  • BBC Online Art Zone Poetry - Visual poetry, poetry games, a resident poet as literature well as interactive audio clips of poets reading their literature own works from the interactive BBC archives.
  • Wordcircuits - A forum and gallery of hypertextual poetry and fiction.
  • Re: The Virtual Affair -, cyber.poetry, by Reiner Strasser and friends
  • TRINPsite: Computer Generated Poetry - Some examples of "computer generated poetry."
  • Trace Online Writing Community - Based in England, this project is quite extensive in its involvement in imaginative writing.
  • Vispo Langu(im)age - Poetry - New Media: L inks of the Imagination. "Links to literary (in some sense) Web sites."
  • Loss Pequeño Glazier - Literary experiments by the mind behind the SUNY poetry Buffalo EPC literature (Electronic Poetry Center).
  • Poems that go - A website devoted to unite words, design, music and motion.
  • Electronic Book Review - electronic book review (ebr) is an online scholarly journal promoting print/screen translations and new modes of critical writing on the Internet.
  • Type me, type me not - Experiments in computational typography by Peter Cho at MIT\'s Aesthetics poetry and Computation department

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