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Youth Speaks organizes the National Youth Poetry Slam. The group brings young people together across community, school, and neighborhood lines through the written and spoken word.

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Poetry Slam.Net* - Portal provides news on major slam competitions and links to slams, teams, and slam poets throughout the United States.
Poetry Slam, Inc.* - The sponsors of the National Poetry Slam provide insight into "what is a slam" as well as a thorough listing of slam venues around the United States. Site also features a "store" for purchasing books, CDs and tapes of poetry performan

  • Michael Brown's Home Page - Links to Slam Events in Massachusetts, particularly Boston.
  • The Austin Poetry Slam - Profiles of Austin slam poets, spoken word recordings performance and presentation for sale, a schedule of poetry slams in performance and presentation the area, and a fun primer on rules performance and presentation for both slam poets and judges.
  • New York City Slam - Artists collective that sponsors regular poetry slams in New York City. The site features audio recordings of recent slams, and print collections of poetry from slam champions.
  • The Poets' Asylum - Slam in Worcester, MA, plus information about other performance and presentation events. Hosts of iWPS 2005.
  • Broken Speech - Information about the Orlando, Florida, poetry slam movement, slams and slam teams with photographs and links to related sites.
  • DC Slam - Myth @ Teaism is the home of the Washington, DC\\'s, slam team. Schedules for slams and other events are listed on the site, as well as information on the slam team members.
  • The Wordsmith Press - Slam information for Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Ballabajoomba Slam - Conducts regularly scheduled poetry slams and competitions in performance and presentation poetry Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Youth Speaks - Youth Speaks organizes the National Youth Poetry Slam. performance and presentation The group brings young people together across performance and presentation community, school, and neighborhood lines through the written performance and presentation and spoken word.
  • Providence Poetry Slam - Home of Providence, RI\\'s, slam team. poetry Schedules for slams and slam teams slams and other events are listed, poetry as well as information slams and slam teams on the slam team poetry members.
  • Wits End Poetry - The what, when, where, why and how of poetry slam slams and slam teams in Greenville, South Carolina, and the surrounding region.
  • San Diego Slam - Home of the San Diego Poetry Slam, featuring poetry a listing poetry of upcoming events and readings, as poetry well as information on poetry "drift wood highway," an poetry annual poetry anthology.

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