Biography Poe, Edgar Allan 19th Century American

Biography of a woman who Poe had a relationship with, and who was also the subject of his second poem entitled "To Helen"

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  • Edgar Allan Poe's Richmond - An article abou Poe and his time spent biography in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Poe on Sullivan's Island - An article about Edgar Allan Poe\\'s military service 19th century on poe, edgar allan Sullivan\\'s Island, SC. An account of his 19th century life and poe, edgar allan his experiences during his time spent 19th century there.
  • Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site - Information on the author\\'s home in Philadelphia from 19th century 1838-1844, 19th century which is owned and maintained by the 19th century National Park 19th century System. Contains an outline of 19th century Poe\\'s life, biographical 19th century information and e-text of The 19th century Raven.
  • Edgar A. Poe - A brief biography and survey of online links poe, edgar allan of the American poet, and writer of horror, poe, edgar allan mystery and science fiction.
  • E. A. Poe Society of Baltimore - Etext of Myths and Reality: The Mysterious Mr. Poe from the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore.
  • Women in the Life of Edgar Allen Poe - Richard P. Benton essay on Poe\\'s relationship to various women 19th century through his lifetime.
  • Edgar Allan Poe at the University of Virginia - An article about Poe\\'s experiences at the University of Virginia poe, edgar allan and what impact it had on him.
  • Edgar Allan Poe in His Time - A timeline of Poe's life.
  • Sarah Helen Power Whitman - Biography of a woman who Poe had a 19th century relationship 19th century with, and who was also the subject 19th century of his 19th century second poem entitled "To Helen"

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