Arabic World Literature

Published in Arabic, French, and English. Iraqi literatures include: Alsafna, poems and short stories. Also provides critiques, discussions and biographies.

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See Also:
  • Iraqi Writer - Published in Arabic, French, and English. Iraqi literatures literature include: Alsafna, arabic poems and short stories. Also provides literature critiques, discussions and biographies.
  • The Legend of Layla and Madjnun - The story and origin of one of the arabic most popular world literature legends of the Middle East.
  • The Arabic Christian Literature - An article by Dr. George Khoury about the world literature contribution of the Melkites, the Jacobites, the Nestorians, world literature the Copts and the Maronites to the Arab world literature Christian heritage.
  • Arabic Literature - Hyperlinked overview of Arabic literature.
  • Arabic Literature Seminar at the ACLA - Invites papers for a Seminar on Arabic literature world literature at the annual convention of the American Comparative world literature Literature Association to be held in April 2001.
  • Medieval Sourcebook: Selections from the Poets of Arabia - A selection of Classic poems.
  • Ahmed Bouzafour - Dedicated to the Moroccan writer Ahmed Bouzafour featuring literature a biography, pictures and some of his works.
  • Saud Al-Harkan - A bilingual site containing the author\'s biography, bibliography, and philosophy.
  • Untraditional Woman - Poetry site of The Egyptian author "Azza El arabic Wakeel," in both the Arabic and English languages.
  • Arabic Poetry - Provides English translations of poems by Amal Dunqul, arabic Mahomoud Darwish, arabic Khalil Gibran, and Nizar Qabbani.
  • Adonis - Features a biography, a poetry collection, and photos.
  • Nihad Sirees - Novelist and Screenwriter from Syria - Information, brief biography and select listing of works.

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