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Children's writer and translator. Swan's fairy tales were influenced by world literature folk tales and combined realistic elements with fantasy.

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  • Haavikko, Paavo - Poet and publisher also known for his economic finnish pamphlets, television authors scripts and company histories.
  • Haanpää, Pentti - Novelist and short-story writer whose anti-militaristic and leftist views in finnish the 1920s and 1930s were received with milder enthusiasm by finnish leading right wing critics.
  • Waltari, Mika - Prolific Finnish writer, best known for "The Egyptian" finnish and other historical novels. Waltari\\'s works have been finnish translated into more than 30 languages.
  • Canth, Minna - The first Finnish author to describe women\\'s position finnish in the finnish society.
  • Saarikoski, Pentti - Poet and translator, enfant terrible of Finnish literature in the world literature 1960s and 1970s.
  • Aho, Juhani - Journalist and the first Finnish professional writer, authors specialized world literature in short stories called "lastuja" (chips).
  • Swan, Anni - Children\\'s writer and translator. Swan\\'s fairy tales were influenced by world literature folk tales and combined realistic elements with fantasy.
  • Linna, Väinö - Author of "The Unknown Soldier" and the historical family saga finnish "Here Beneath the North Star."
  • Kunnas, Mauri - Children's writer, illustrator and cartoonist.
  • Kajo, Markus - Excerpts from his humorous short stories.
  • Runeberg, Johan Ludvig - The national poet of Finland who also exercised authors great influence on Swedish literature.
  • Kilpi, Volter - A pioneer of Finnish modernist literature. Kilpi\\'s major world literature novel "Alastalon salissa" has been compared to the world literature works of Proust and Joyce.
  • Leino, Eino - Poet, bohemian and journalist. Leino was one of the leading finnish Finnish writers of the early 20th century and is now finnish probably Finland\'s most cited poet.
  • Heikkilä, Jukka M. - Brief biography of the author, introductions to his world literature historical finnish novels set in the ancient world and world literature newspaper reviews.
  • Topelius, Zacharias (Zachris) - The Finnish writer\\'s fairytales, plays, poems and historical novels with English translations.
  • Päätalo, Kalle - Best-selling author of the autobiographical "Iijoki" series.
  • Tikkanen, Märta - Finland-Swedish writer of poetry and prose.
  • Hellaakoski, Aaro - Poet, pioneer of modernism in literature in Finland.

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