Japanese World Literature

Contains numerous searchable online texts in Japanese and translation from the Man'yoshu to the modern era. Also contains links to online dictionaries.

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See Also:
  • Horagai - Literary magazine featuring recent and new Japanese writers. japanese Content in English and Japanese.
  • Japanese Literature Home Page - Overview of Japanese literary history and important listing literature of Japanese Authors.
  • K.Inadomi's Private Library - A biographical sketch of Lafcadio Hearn, a Greek-Irish japanese writer who world literature became a Japanese citizen. japanese Also includes texts of world literature selected works and links.
  • The Flowering of Japanese Literature - The importance of the Tale of Genji and the Pillow Book to subsequent Japanese literature.
  • Japanese Text Initiative - Contains numerous searchable online texts in Japanese and japanese translation from literature the Man\\'yoshu to the modern era. japanese Also contains links literature to online dictionaries.
  • Nintoku: The Wealth of the Emperor - From the Nihongi, Book XI. A short anecdote japanese from a literature history of the Emperor Nintoku on japanese the relationship of the literature wealth of the population japanese in relationship to the wealth of literature the Emperor. japanese A good example of the importation of Confucian literature japanese thought in early Japan.
  • Classical Japanese Language and Literature - This site teaches the classical (that is, old) japanese Japanese language, japanese through poems and extracts from literary/zen/martial japanese arts classics.
  • Japanese Literature Resources Page - Creighton University\\'s Japanese bibliographic and internet resources as japanese well as world literature online texts.
  • Introduction to History of Japan's Literature - A short history of literature from the eighth world literature century to the present day.
  • Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture - Include review of lectures and details of the japanese prizes awarded by the center to support translation japanese of Japanese literature.

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