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Official site of the Faiz Foundation with information about the Urdu poet and his work, and also about the Foundation.

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  • Zeeshan Sahil - Sahil\'s "Bookworms" has been translated from his Urdu text.[PDF]
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz - Official site of the Faiz Foundation with information pakistani about the Urdu poet and his work, and pakistani also about the Foundation.
  • Habib Jalib: Ten Poems - From Urdu and Punjabi, these are poems of late 1960s poetry and early 1970s by this "People\\'s Poet". Original text is poetry given alongside in roman script.
  • Alamgir Hashmi: In Cordoba - A poem widely regarded as significant for contemporary world culture.
  • Mehfil-e-Mushaira - Real audio clips of Urdu poetry, in the poetry original language, world literature and some script.
  • Bilal Sarwar`s Poems - Young poet's work using animation and real audio.
  • Urdu Poetry Portal - Poetry books of famous poets and mushaira videos.
  • Pashtu Poetry - Pashtu classical and contemporary poetry, in Pashtu script poetry and English poetry translation.
  • Attiya Dawood - The poem "The People of the Machine" has poetry been translated from this young poet's original Sindhi.
  • Alamgir Hashmi: Sun and Moon - A 1990s poem of note that moved a generation.
  • Poetry and Photography - Private: International Review of Photographs and Texts # pakistani 39 (Special pakistani issue titled "I am Pakistani") offers pakistani some contemporary Pakistani English pakistani poems together with photography pakistani and short prose pieces.
  • Parveen Shakir: Five Poems - First English translations of these poems from Cipher Journal.
  • Arrival 1946 - A poem by Moniza Alvi.
  • Kishwar Naheed: Six Poems - Feminist Urdu poet\'s work translated into English by Rukhsana Ahmad.
  • Poems of Nasir Kazmi - English translations of the Urdu ghazals of Nasir Kazmi.
  • Mermaid by Moniza Alvi - A recent poem by a poet of Pakistani world literature origin.
  • Parveen Shakir: Where Am I? - English and German translations of two Urdu poems by Parveen world literature Shakir.
  • World of Urdu Poetry - A wide selection of Urdu poetry, with script world literature download pakistani facility.
  • Sahar Ansari and Parveen Shakir - Poetry by Sahar Ansari and Parveen Shakir translated poetry into English world literature by Alamgir Hashmi, in Wilderness House poetry Literary Review (USA), 4:1.
  • Four Poems by Munir Niazi - These poems have been translated from Punjabi into poetry English by pakistani Sain Sucha. (Click on VKF Web, poetry next on English/Engelska under pakistani Poetry/Poesi, and then on poetry Niazi's "Four Poems".)
  • Urdu Poetry - Modern and contemporary Urdu poetry, in roman script.
  • Amir Khusro - (or Khusrau). Thirteenth century sufi poet who wrote pakistani and sang in several languages.
  • Muhammad Iqbal - Presentation of the poet\\'s verses with text available poetry in Urdu, pakistani Persian, English and Arabic.
  • Allama Muhammad Iqbal - Contains the story of Iqbal\\'s life and notes pakistani on his works, plus his contribution to the pakistani freedom movement.

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