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Features poetry, interviews, reviews and opinion. The name of this site is a reference to the play Cyrano de Bergerac.

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  • Brainfag - Ever-evolving online art and thought forum offering bitter insight and e-zines humor on the human condition. Site offers experimental works in e-zines image and sound, and an extensive archive of self-published comics.
  • Burning Candle - Featuring the work of artists, musicians and poets from Poland, magazines and e-zines Estonia, and the UK. Reviews and information about the selected magazines and e-zines artists. Music and film can be downloaded or streamed. In magazines and e-zines English and Polish versions.
  • Blah Mail Art Magazine - Online version of mail art magazine. With reviews, gallery and e-zines essays. By Joe Decie and Jack Dada.
  • Blind Eye Magazine - Contemporary art satire and burlesque humour. Includes art magazines and e-zines world news, exhibition reviews and feature articles.
  • bhag - A e-zine of visual and conceptual exchange, this magazines and e-zines e-zines site covers philosophy, visual art, literary, and shared magazines and e-zines e-zines life experiences.
  • Bob Baker's Quick Tips for Creative People - E-zine for inspiration and marketing ideas for artists, writers, musicians, crafters, performing artists and anyone pursuing a creative passion.
  • Bakery of the Poets - Features poetry, interviews, reviews and opinion. The name e-zines of this site is a reference to the e-zines play Cyrano de Bergerac.
  • The Bear Mountain Journal - Updated monthly with short stories, commentary, poetry, and b editorials.
  • bigSoda - Devoted to helping artists and artisans put their b best foot forward on the web.
  • Bohème - Covering literature, music, cinema, and opinions from an b e-zine of magazines and e-zines subversive and alternative arts.
  • Biggerboat - Showcasing a collection of works by author Jason e-zines Clarke.
  • Be Real Magazine - Publishing the nonfiction works of writers and artists, b and provides a balance in its content between b philosophy and the day-to-day routine of home, pets, b carpooling, and hair dye.
  • Bad Balance Magazine - Comix and articles by Vladimir Zimakov, Michael Herring, magazines and e-zines the Ottomen, and other Kansas City Art Institute magazines and e-zines students.
  • BBC Online Arts - Includes poetry, digital arts, arts news, and audio biographies from top artists.

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