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Self-training for filmmakers and aspiring or working directors, this parody of motion picture film studio training critiques film industry training materials, electronic and print.

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  • HowStuffWorks: How Movie Projectors Work - Graphic explanation of the projection system that makes watching a movie at a theater possible. By Jeff Tyson.
  • Film 600 - Film classes and research material by professor Anatoly education Antohin, University movies of Alaska Fairbanks, Theatre and Film education Dept.
  • Movie in a Box - A one-day filmmaking seminar where independent filmmakers teach arts from their movies own films. Background, upcoming dates, syllabus, arts and links.
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies - Promotes the scholarly study of film, television, and education video.
  • International Directory of Design - Directory of film and cinematography educational programs.
  • Hollywood Seminars - Offers film workshops throughout the United States. Includes arts details about each type of seminar, testimonials, and arts contact information.
  • City Eye Media Centre - Media centre as well as film and video movies workshop based education in outhampton and Hampshire, United Kingdom.
  • On Camera Acting Intensive - Film and TV acting classes in Vancouver, Canada, offered by X-Files actor and feature film director.
  • H-Net: Film and History - Exists to further the use of film in movies teaching and movies research, to disseminate information about film movies and film use, to movies work for an effective movies system of film preservation, and to movies organize periodic movies conferences and seminars dealing with film.
  • Movie Extras Resources & Registration - Resources for potential movie and TV extras and actors. Join education the Film Extras Coalition for casting tips.
  • Robert McKee's Story Seminar - Three-day course covering aspects of storytelling. Background information, syllabus, seminar education dates, famous graduates, registration information, and discussion forum.
  • Fledgling Films - Vermont based nonprofit media arts education organization that movies produces dramatic education and documentary films by teenage filmmakers.
  • Film Studio Faux - Self-training for filmmakers and aspiring or working directors, arts this parody of motion picture film studio training arts critiques film industry training materials, electronic and print.
  • Student Filmmakers - Resources for aspiring film makers.
  • ScreenSite - Links to film education, resources, production companies, newsgroups and chat movies rooms.
  • Soyouwanna be a movie extra? - Explains the ins and outs of being a arts movie extra, education including casting companies, unions, on-the-job dos arts and don\\'ts, the importance education of skills and looks, arts and some important terms and concepts education related to arts the job.
  • KeyLightCompany - Offers consulting and seminars originally developed from graduate courses on movies psychology and film. Background information, staff, services, news, and upcoming movies events.
  • Barry Casson - Motivational speaker on the topic of filmmaking. Seminar details, resume, arts testimonials, and contact information.

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