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For sites which feature sounds from two or more motion pictures.

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See Also:
  • Audible Beauty - Windows desktop sound events from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Moulin Rouge.
  • Jeanna's Movie Wavs - WAV files from over 150 popular movies.
  • Wav Central: Movies Section - A large, searchable database of popular sounds from audio well over movies 150 movies.
  • Wise Words by Cool Men - WAVs of quotes from cool actors ranging from multimedia Steve Buscemi to Bruce Willis. Also features some multimedia other assorted sounds.
  • The Wav Surfer Sound Site - Sound clips from a variety of movies.
  • The Daily .WAV - Large collection of sound clips, primarily from film and television, with 1 new addition daily.
  • Film Secrets - Movie Sound Page - WAVs from a number of films.
  • The Sound Archive - WAV sound files from various movies and television shows.
  • Matt's Movie Sounds - A growing selection of sounds from movies, mainly audio in WAV audio and MP3 formats.
  • Audio Film Commentaries - Audio film commentaries in MP3 format designed to audio be companions movies to the film as it is audio being watched.
  • The MovieWavs Page - Site featuring many WAV files from an extensive list of multimedia movies.
  • Arena MP3 Site - MP3s from Pulp Fiction, Titanic and Star Wars: The Phantom audio Menace.
  • My Fav Movies - Offers sounds from various films in MP3 and WAV format.
  • - Samples of work done by composer Bill Brown multimedia for several audio films.
  • - Large collection of WAV and MP3 files from movies both older and more recent films.
  • Congo's Movie Sound Wav Files - WAVs from American Pie, Full Metal Jacket and audio Monty Python films.
  • TranZion Movies - Collection of audio files from movies and television.
  • Jake's Movie Wavs - Large selection of movies each with a few WAVs.
  • Jake's movie sounds. - Small collection of movie sound clips.
  • The Sound Library - WAV files from a collection of popular films.
  • Sound Gallery - MP3 gallery with sounds available for download from a wide multimedia variety of movies.
  • SoundBytes - Many clips from Austin Powers, Spaceballs, Dumb and audio Dumber, Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, My Cousin Vinny, audio and Star Wars.
  • Movie Sounds Central - Sounds from a variety of films in WAV multimedia format.
  • The Movie Sounds Page - Sound bites, wav files, and movie sound clips movies from a audio long list of movies.

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