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Weekly box office. Top 100 films ever in the U.S. and worldwide, top 10 opening weekends. Actors and actresses ranked by box office take.

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Box Office Guru* - Database of box office statistics on motion pictures released from 1989 to the present, plus weekend preview and review. International grosses, monthly averages, all-time blockbusters.

  • Box Office Mojo - Top 60 U.S. feature films for weekend, international weekend box office by country. All-time top grossing pictures and weekends, best single days and opening days. Actors and actresses rated by domestic gross.
  • The Numbers - Provides weekly, daily, and weekend box office data movies as well box office reports as box office totals for currently movies playing films worldwide.
  • Worldwide Box Office - Domestic, overseas, and worldwide grosses of almost every movies movie released movies in the U.S. and Europe from movies 1900 to the present. movies Current year highlighted.
  • IMDb Charts - Weekly and all-time box office reports from the movies Internet Movie news and media Database. Also includes rankings by geographic movies area, genres, top rentals, news and media name searches, and user movies votes.
  • Movielocity: Box Office - Weekend box office chart of top ten. box office reports movies Weekend gross, cumulative gross, number of screens, per box office reports movies screen average. Uses frames.
  • Box Office Report - Box office figures for current films, archive of movies past reports, predictions for future blockbuster films.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Box Office - Weekly top 25 box office results. Sort by ranking, gross, movies per screen average, and average critics\' rating.
  • New York Times Movies: Box Office - Weekly lists of box office results, with links box office reports news and media to film reviews [free registration required].
  • Entertainment Insiders: The Weekend Gross - Summary of current top 10; archive for past year. Also box office reports top 100 highest grossing movies of all time for U.S. box office reports and Canada combined, including re-releases.
  • The Movie Times - Weekly box office. Top 100 films ever in the U.S. news and media and worldwide, top 10 opening weekends. Actors and actresses ranked news and media by box office take.
  • Yahoo! Movies Box Office Charts - Actuals for features currently in US theatrical release. movies Archive box office reports of recent charts and Top 100 movies all-time.
  • Craig's Internet Movie Database - Weekly box office updates and data for the last three box office reports years.

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