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Users must rate some movies they have watched before. Based on the results, users get a personal rating prediction for other films. [Login required]

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Wait For Video* - User-provided ratings for movies currently playing in theaters, with demographic breakdown by gender, location, marital status, and ethnicity.

  • Topher's Composite Godzilla Movie Ratings - Movie ratings on all Godzilla movies by five qualified experts movies with a composite score also given.
  • Matchstick Movie Finder - Requests 5 titles to generate a list of 10 related films, based on the preferences of other users and the extent to which the titles are related.
  • Critics.com - Each film\\'s page features a list of syndicated critics\\' ratings movies of the film, links to their reviews, as well as movies quotes from two critics with opposing views.
  • Movie Lens - Users must rate some movies they have watched reviews before. Based reviews on the results, users get a reviews personal rating prediction for reviews other films. [Login required]
  • Movie Kites - Graphical representations of film ratings on several dimensions; looks like a flying kite. The smaller the kite is, the more profound the movie is.
  • Everyone's a Critic - Allows users to rate films and compare their reviews ratings to movies those of other users to obtain reviews movie recommendations [free registration movies required].
  • Gary's Movie Reviews and Ratings - Yearly ratings charts for new releases as well as video movies rentals, by two contributors. Some films are reviewed.
  • The Film Pie - Assigns grades to films released from 1996 to ratings present.
  • MovieCritic.ca - Ratings of films dating back to the 1920s. Some films ratings have full reviews by Luc-Rock Paquin.
  • Film Affinity - Allows users to rate movies and find people reviews with similar tastes [registration required].

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