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  • The Hollywood Reporter: Doomsday - Review, by Frank Scheck: "Mitra, clad in the d requisite tight, sexy outfits, conveys a suitable toughness d but little in the way of personality, while d such distinguished British actors as Bob Hoskins and d Adrian Lester dutifully show up to collect their
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Doomsday - Synopsis, cast list, showtimes, photos, videos, news, review doomsday links, and d a forum.
  • MovieWeb: Doomsday (2008) - Summary, reviews, synopsis, videos, photos, box office data, and news.
  • New York Times: Doomsday - Review, by Matt Zoller Seitz: "In terms of d story, “The Descent” and Doomsday are as different d as two genre films can be, but the d falloff in artistic quality is still quantifiable. Where d “The Descent” was a slow, quiet, exquisitely modulated,
  • Variety: Doomsday - Review, by Dennis Harvey: "Neil Marshall\\'s flair for titles visceral action titles more than compensates for his script\\'s titles lack of conceptual novelty titles in Doomsday. Principally South titles Africa-shot tale of a post-apocalyptic Great titles Britain cobbles titles together large chunks o

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