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Monster of the Month: the reader submits a description of a daikaiju (big monster) to compete for monster of the month. The site also contains reviews of movies and comics, essays, and monster information.

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See Also:
  • Consters Museum of Godzilla - A collection of Godzilla humor, including a page titles about g Godzilla biology and an essay on titles how to be a g beautiful kaiju.
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  • Six Questions About Godzilla Answered by J.D. Lees - J.D. Lees of G-Fan explains the whys and wherefores of g the Big G.
  • 100% Original Godzilla - Reviews of the TriStar Godzilla movie with advice titles on how godzilla movies to do it right next time.
  • Total Danger - - Read "Godzilla vs The Mysterians" and the story titles behind The godzilla movies Story. By Mick Anger
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  • Space Godzilla's Crystal Palace - Come see Kaiju Kids, Gigan Alternet Homeworld, Learn about many godzilla movies Kaiju\'s powers and even see find new kaiju.
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  • Godzilla's Terror of Tokyo - Movie reviews with a twist, a review of the Godzilla titles Compendium, a message board, an art contest, pictures, MIDIs, and titles an online Godzilla story.
  • GURPS Godzilla - This is a website devoted to roleplaying games g involving Toho godzilla movies scenarios.
  • Eating New Yorkers - Interactive story where the visitor plays the part of a godzilla movies monster eating people in New York.
  • Godzilla in New York - A series of photographs showing New York landmarks titles with and godzilla movies without the effects of Godzilla, as titles well as maps pinpointing godzilla movies the action.
  • Godzillaverse! - Original animations and a story page. If a godzilla movies user sends the webmaster a Godzilla story, he godzilla movies will animate it.
  • Malachi's Monster Page - These are Malachi\\'s interviews with Toho monsters, including Godzilla, Mothra titles and Anguirus. Now with sketches from the Toho Light Opera titles Company.
  • Gary's Godzilla Zone - Background information, reviews of the films, QuickTime video clips, image titles galleries, details about rival monsters, fan art, and links [requires titles Flash].
  • Gojira's Domain - Fan site with fan fiction and multimedia.
  • The Godzilla Throne - Synopsis of each Godzilla movie. Includes pictures.
  • An area known as Monsterland - Monster of the Month: the reader submits a titles description of titles a daikaiju (big monster) to compete titles for monster of the titles month. The site also titles contains reviews of movies and comics, titles essays, and titles monster information.
  • Godzilla Tower - Monster Museum and ultimate monster poll site. The godzilla movies home of WMW: World Monster Wrestling.
  • Godzilla Final Wars - Offers a brief introduction, plot summary, and message godzilla movies from g the producer.
  • Stomp Tokyo Video Reviews - Provides information about Godzilla.
  • Godzilla Trivia Quiz - Test a fan's monster movie IQ.
  • Battra's Godzilla Page - Original animations and graphics of Godzilla.
  • Alec's Godzilla Page - Drawings by Alex, images from movies, monster statistics.
  • Kaiju Headquarters - Kaiju biology, photographs, movie reviews, kaiju profiles, Toho g casting crew, Toho news, Kaiju wrestling federation, Kaiju g versions, behind the scenes at Toho, and the g latest on G-Fest 2000.
  • Godzilla - Devoted to the TriStar Godzilla movie, with clips, reviews, sounds, godzilla movies cast information and news updates.
  • The Godzilla Saga - Reviews and guides to Godzilla movies, the animated godzilla movies TV series and classic Godzilla commercials.
  • Michael's Godzilla vs Destroyer Page - All about Godzilla vs Destroyer (or Destoroyah) with godzilla movies commentary, monster bios, locations, pictures, faqs, sounds, behind-the-scenes, godzilla movies music, artwork, movie reviews, Bandai toys, and Godzilla godzilla movies collectibles.
  • Godzilla 2000 Millenium - Production information and pictures.
  • Godzilla: A Hollywood Jesus visual film review. - A Christian look at Godzilla.
  • Johnzilla's Godzilla Page - A photo gallery, cartoons, a quiz, movies, movie reviews, and a kaiju page.
  • Godzilla Monster Music - A website devoted to the music of Godzilla titles movies: reviews godzilla movies of CDs, photos from liner notes, titles lists of pieces on godzilla movies each CD.
  • King Ghidorah's Godzilla Page - Sounds, movie reviews, statistics, collectibles, and movie list.
  • Godzillas Gone on a Rage - Sound clips, pictures, and animated gifs.
  • Godzilla Galore - News, pictures, movie reviews, sound clips, monster descriptions, trivia, and titles links.
  • Tom's Quest of Godzilla - Site features Godzilla comics, Kaiju Quest, kreate-a-kaiju, art, stories, history, monster index, fan fiction, pictures, and downloads.
  • Rubber Monster! - Original stories, reviews of the monsters, images, sounds, g and behind-the-scenes pictures.
  • Chris Nickerson's Godzilla Page - Newest Godzilla news, brief filmography, message board, pictures, and information on where to order Godzilla books and videos.

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