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  • The Boston Globe: The House Bunny - Review, by Wesley Morris: "The movie is a commercial for Hugh Hefner that makes his magazine seem like \'Seventeen.\'" [Rating: 2.5 out of 4]
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  • TV Guide: The House Bunny - Review, by Ken Fox: "Silly but endearing comedy." house bunny, the h [Rating: 3 out of 4]
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer: The House Bunny - Review, by Sean Axmaker: "It\'s funny. Dumb, yes, but funny."
  • ReelViews: The House Bunny - Review, by James Berardinelli: "The resulting hodgepodge of h unfunny, sophomoric house bunny, the humor and PG-13 T&A, frosted by h a sheen of appallingly house bunny, the nauseous "drama," makes for h such a noxious brew that it\\'s house bunny, the amazing viewers h stay in their seats for the

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