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  • The Official Amanthon/Ax McClennan Site - Features pictures, biography, animations, and videos of Amanthon elves who was portrayed by Ax McClennan.
  • The Official Fereveldir/Ben Britton Site - Provides a biography, pictures, and animations for Ben Britton who elves portrayed the Elf, Fereveldir.
  • Fans of Figwit and Faelon - Dedicated to two elves from the Council of Elrond scene, characters Figwit and Faelon, portrayed by real brothers Bret and Justine characters McKenzie.
  • Figwit Lives - Gallery, news, artwork, hate mail, and jokes.
  • Shadows of Twilight - A fansite for Elrond Half-elven, with character biography, elves multimedia, and lord of the rings series quizzes.
  • F is for Figwit - Fan dedication to the elf character, including gallery, games and links.
  • The Wisdom of Saelbeth - An Elven councilor at the Council of Elrond, lord of the characters rings series played by Matt Appleton. Biography, pictures, and lord characters of the rings series animations.
  • Council of Elrond - Fanlisting for those people who admire Elrond. Provides rules, codes, characters banner exchange, join, membership, and wallpapers.
  • Ereinion - Clique for Gil-galad, the elven King. Features codes, lord of the elves rings series membership, affiliates, rules, pictures, and character information.
  • Elven: Hiatus - Provides affiliate codes, banners, and joining information.
  • Middle Earth Elves - Information and image galleries for several Elf characters.
  • The Official Erethon/Alexander Lindsay Site - Animations, pictures, and links for Alexander Lindsay.
  • Orophin, Guardian of Lorien - Dedicated to Orophin of Lorien, including photos, background elves and links.
  • Elven Dreams - Dedicated to the elves of Middle-earth, includes banners, elves quizzes, humor, character biographies, photo gallery, downloads, and elves a guest book.

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