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Review, by James Berardinelli: "The gore is so badly done that it's borderline comical and poor lighting passes for 'atmosphere.'" [Rating: 1 out of 4]

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  • Variety: Mirrors - Review, by Rob Nelson: "Softcore horror at best, failed allegory titles at worst, Mirrors reflects little beyond Splat Pack auteur Alexandre titles Aja\\'s desire to push his genre into less punishing and titles more profitable territory."
  • ReelViews: Mirrors - Review, by James Berardinelli: "The gore is so titles badly done mirrors that it\\'s borderline comical and poor titles lighting passes for \\'atmosphere.\\'" mirrors [Rating: 1 out of titles 4]
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  • The Boston Globe: Mirrors - Review, by Ty Burr: "At nearly two hours, titles Mirrors is overlong for a summer horror toss-off, titles and the movie\\'s three or four false endings titles make it seem even more of a haul." titles [Rating: 1 out of 4]
  • TV Guide: Mirrors - Review, by Ken Fox: "Actually a marked improvement over the plodding and confusing original." [Rating: 2.5 out of 4]
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