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  • Jurassic Punk: Species - A collection of 6 video clips in QuickTime species series format. With a trailer and scenes from the species series movie.
  • Filmtracks: Species - A review of Christopher Young\\'s Species soundtrack. Includes species a track listing and a sound clip.
  • All-Reviews.com: Species - Reviews of the movie.
  • Hollywood.com: Species - Synopsis, production notes, photos, video and sound clips, species series and species an interactive game.
  • Species - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer\\'s official promo site for the movie. With an interactive story, movie stills, and videos.
  • IMDb: Species (1995) - The Internet Movie Database offers cast and crew credits, plot species series summary, user comments, and links.
  • H.R. Giger: Ghost Train Nightmare - An article on a "Species" dream sequence that didn\'t make it into the movie. With pictures.
  • Nitpickers Site: Species - An index of mistakes, anomalies, and other small s details people species noticed in the movie.
  • SciFlicks.com: Species - Video and sound clips, movie stills, quotes, a species series Windows species series desktop theme, and links.
  • MovieWeb: Species - A brief review with movie poster, stills and tailer, cast list, and links.

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