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Sites devoted to ridiculing, mocking, satirizing, and ranting about pop music.

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See Also:
  • Anti Everybody: Forest of Truth - Critical of many pop stars. Includes rants and reasons for anti-music dislike.
  • I Hate Pop Music - Rants against boy bands and Britney Spears, and pop dissections of CD packaging and lyrics.
  • Bobbo's Anti-Pop Music Website - Rants, manipulated pictures, and hate mail.
  • Pleased to Be Boy Band Free - A site dedicated to helping teenyboppers overcome their pop obsessions with music boy bands.
  • Anti Pop Forums - Contains forums for anti-pop music discussions.
  • The Dixie and Jobie Site - Features rants against a number of pop music pop singers and pop groups along with altered pictures.
  • Planet Jupiter - An anti-pop site from a hip-hop fan\\'s perspective. May offend teenyboppers and hardcore rock fans.
  • No More Sissy Music - Bashing Britney, Christina, \\'NSYNC, and Ricky Martin. Jokes, pop quotes, FAQs, music and parodies.
  • The Pop Bitch - Anti-Christina Aguilera, N\\'Sync, and others. Includes 5ive humor, music pictures, and anti-music stories.

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