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John Reed's review: "After delivering a debut that was less than satisfying last year, [she] has finally scored with her sophomoric solo endeavor"

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  • Plugged In: Ashanti - Ashanti - Bob Waliszewski\\'s review: "[her] choice of profane guest ashanti rappers, plus ashanti immodest lyrics and CD photos, makes ashanti it a moral bust"
  • PopMatters: Ashanti - Chapter II - Maurice Bottomley\\'s review: "Catchy pop music based on ashanti some great a old soul tunes."
  • Ashanti - Chapter II - John Reed\\'s review: "After delivering a debut that reviews was less a than satisfying last year, [she] has reviews finally scored with her a sophomoric solo endeavor"
  • Ashanti - Ashanti - Tom Reiter\\'s review: "includes some memorable moments, but after listening ashanti straight through the album doesn\'t leave a lasting impression"
  • Plugged In: Ashanti - Chapter II - Bob Waliszewski\\'s review: "for every heartfelt mention of ashanti prayer there\'s also a sexual proposition."

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