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A Blur website with an extensive collection of tablatures and lyrics, a chat room, and some exclusive audio. Uses javascript.

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Editor's Picks:

Blur Talk* - The latest news, lyrics, photos, RealAudio and MP3 sound files, and a message board.

  • Lethargic - A Blur website with an extensive collection of fan pages tablatures fan pages and lyrics, a chat room, and some fan pages exclusive audio. fan pages Uses javascript.
  • Optigan - Includes biographies, discography, videography, lyrics, guitar chords, image blur gallery, press b articles, and links. [English/Italian]
  • The Blurred World - Features recent news, a biography, image gallery, discography, lyrics, reviews, and links. Downloads include MIDI files and Winamp skins. [English/French]
  • Caramel - News, biography, discography, lyrics and tour dates.
  • Blur Exclusive - Features guitar and bass tablature. Also contains news, fan pages discography, fan pages MP3, images, links, and trades section.
  • All About Blur - Includes a biography, discography, and cover scans.
  • The Scene - Features the latest news, reviews, discography, lyrics, MIDIs, b RealAudio samples, blur tabs, image gallery, and a page b dedicated to Graham.
  • Chemical World - Features pictures, lyrics, articles, biography, and news.
  • Trade Stylee - Features news, pictures, and quotes.
  • BlurCentral - Features profiles, history, album information, single information, photographs, Glastonbury reviews, fan pages press interviews, quotes, and lyrics. [No longer updated.]
  • Tribute to Blur - Has quotes, sound files (in WAV format) and pictures.
  • Best Days - Includes sound files in several formats, guitar tablatures, b setlists, and fan pages concert reviews.
  • Blur Comics - A series of drawings and comic strips about blur the band b by Kathy J. Lo.
  • Blur: Beyond Song 2 - An American Fansite - Includes news, biography, image gallery, discography, and an fan pages American\'s blur guide to Blur lyrics.
  • Blurred Vision - Includes band biographies, lyrics, album facts, and MP3s.
  • Matt's Blur Page - Includes biography, images, lyrics, guitar and bass tablature, blur and links.
  • So High - Contains recent news about the band, audio files, image gallery, fan pages tabs, lyrics, and desktop downloads.
  • Defining Blur - Contains lyrics, reviews, interviews, and trivia.
  • Blur World - Includes lyrics, images, exclusive audio, and tour news.
  • X Offender - Features profiles, discography, press articles, guitar tablature, lyrics, blur cover art, b photos, wallpaper, links, and background information blur on bootlegs, Gorillaz, and b Colchester. Also includes the blur results of the Blur World Cup.

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