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Reviews of Elvis Costello's album "When I Was Cruel," released in April 2002.

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  • New Musical Express: When I Was Cruel - John Mulvey\\'s review. "Through all his dalliances with opera singers, reviews string quartets and Burt Bacharach, Costello has musically obscured most reviews of his bile with the trappings of high art. But reviews as \\'When I Was Cruel\\' proves, he\\'s much better at reviews squeezing
  • Entertainment Weekly: When I Was Cruel - David Browne\\'s review: "In a way, \\'When I costello, elvis Was Cruel\\' is a companion to U2\\'s \\'All costello, elvis That You Can\\'t Leave Behind\\' - a late-period costello, elvis return to form by an act that wandered costello, elvis off the path presumably for good." Grade of costello, elvis A.

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