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Editor's Picks:

A Chain of Flowers* - The latest news, tour dates, setlists, concert reviews, chart information and artwork.

  • Pretending to Swim - Fascinating stories, tidbits and news about The Cure.
  • CUREnattywoo - Discography, pictures, biography, and lyrics.
  • On Fiction: An Improbable Collection - Illustrated discography of the band\\'s albums and rarities, as well as those distributed by their label, Fiction Records.
  • Matt's Cure Page - Images, lyrics, sound clips and links.
  • Autumn's Pictures Of You - Personal collection including pictures, articles and magazines, posters, cure, the and c postcards.
  • The Cure: It Started with a Dedication - Includes history, words, sounds, pictures, logos and chat.
  • The Upstairs Room - Lyrics to rare and live songs, boot reviews and setlists, cure, the MP3s and pictures.
  • Golden Haze - Beautiful Cure artwork, discography, videography, and links.
  • Plainsong - All about The Cure\\'s official discography, from common to collectable items. Includes CureBase, a dedicated discography search engine.
  • Jupiter Crash - [email protected] team for band fans.
  • Cave of Black Ghosts - Live pictures, audio files, IRC chat and bootleg cure, the list.
  • Stiff As Toys and Tall As Men - Contains information about the band such as a discussion board, cure, the tour setlists, and bootleg reviews.
  • Your Tongue Is Like Poison - Updated trade page and original pictures.
  • Curiosity - The Cure Anomalies - Contains downloads, games, images, and information relating to the band.
  • LullaCure - Bilingual fan site based in China with news, streaming radio, cure, the discography, MIDI and MP3 files, lyrics and message board.
  • Dancing on a Beach of Stone - Lyrics, discography, photographic gallery, and artwork relating to fan pages The Cure.
  • Descent - Includes information on joining the mailing list, lyrics, images, links, and CD-R trading.
  • The Cure - Biography, discography, photo gallery, concert list, quotes from the band and links.
  • Three Imaginary Boys: The Site - Survey, lyrics, pictures, articles, discography, fonts and MP3s.
  • MintCure - Cure fonts, themes, and other downloads.
  • Fons36's Cure - Tape trading page, links to other sites, links fan pages to c other traders and pictures.
  • Pablo's Cure Page - Lyrics, MIDIs, links, and images.
  • The Cure - Another Unofficial Site - Avatars for forums, a forum, and a fan\\'s collection of records by the Cure. [English and French.]
  • A Reflection - News, discography, sounds, and pictures. Mostly in French.

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