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Pop music group made up of "Making The Band" veterans Ikaika Kahoano, Mike Miller and Bryan Chan and newcomer Jonas Persch.

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  • ANO's First Fan Site - Devoted to Ikaika, Haku and Kamuela Kahoano. bands and artists l This is the band Ikaika was in before bands and artists l he was a part of LMNT.
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  • Jonas Josiah Fan Club - The first fan club for the newest member lmnt of LMNT, Jonas Josiah Persch. Come read lmnt his biography, see pictures and follow his career lmnt with Ikaika Kahoano, Mike Miller and Bryan Chan!
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  • Jonas Josiah's Fan Site - Another fan site devoted to Jonas Josiah of bands and artists lmnt LMNT. Get the latest info and news bands and artists lmnt about Jonas. See the newest pictures and hear bands and artists lmnt LMNT's latest music.
  • Bryan Chan's Fan Club - Includes biography, pictures, multimedia, and encounters.

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