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Bill Werde's review: "song after song leaves you nodding your head to a newly entrenched hook and chorus."

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  • TeenInk.com: Avril Lavigne - Let Go - Ashley D.\\'s review: "She has a realness to her music that many singers lack. She\\'s a girl with a voice and a guitar, and she isn't afraid to use either."
  • TeenMusic.com: Avril Lavigne - Let Go - Bill Werde\\'s review: "song after song leaves you lavigne, avril nodding lavigne, avril your head to a newly entrenched hook lavigne, avril and chorus."
  • XtraMSN: Avril Lavigne - Let Go - Review: "This album covers all the bases: Teen angst, heartbreak, hope, confusion, all mixed in with a lot of \'sure of myself' attitude."
  • ModernRock.com: Avril Lavigne - Let Go - Paul Thompson\\'s review: "Avril sports a unique sound featuring strong vocals complemented by clear driving guitar licks and drum melodies."
  • Music-Critic.com: Avril Lavigne - Let Go - Bill Aicher\\'s review: "The honesty and reality of her songs reviews will undoubtedly win her a steady fanbase."
  • CANOE: Avril Lavigne - Let Go - Jane Stevenson\\'s review: "While teen girls will probably lavigne, avril eat this right up, everyone else will probably lavigne, avril want to give it a miss."
  • Plugged In: Avril Lavigne - Let Go - Bob Waliszewski\\'s review: "this 17-year-old refuses to compromise lavigne, avril her sense of self or play the victim."
  • EntertainYourBrain.com: Avril Lavigne - Let Go - Shawn McKenzie\\'s review: "Not every track on Let Go rocks, let go or is even catchy, but there are many standouts that let go make you amazed that they are coming out a teenage let go girl."

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