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Official site from M's recording label. Has up-to-date (currently not much)information about the still unreleased "Now" cd. "Get to know ya" video and audio clips.

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See Also:
  • Maxwell: "Now" - A Sony Music/Columbia website for M\\'s 3rd full length studio album "Now". Tourbook, Profile, Timeline, Multimedia, Links, News and Chat areas.
  • Yahoo Groups: Nite's Auraqual Family - A discussion forum for fans of the singer. maxwell Includes an maxwell events calendar.
  • The Luxury Cococure: Maxwell Images - A fan site with photos, snapshots, video captures, and wallpapers bands and artists of Maxwell.
  • VH1 Artists: Maxwell - Biography, discography, web site links and album reviews.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Maxwell Style - Photographs, polls, and discussion.
  • Metacritic: Maxwell: Now - Multiple reviews for Maxwell\\'s Now by an array maxwell of music bands and artists critics and publications.
  • Muszings - "A place for appreciators of M and his maxwell muszic". Features maxwell news, images, M\\'s perceptions, information re maxwell Live:99, guestbook and photos maxwell of and ways to maxwell get together with other appreciators.
  • Yahoo Groups: Maxwell Fan Forum - A discussion for forum for fans of the singer. Includes tour dates.
  • Maxwell: The Man and His Music - Site by the Suite Keeper of his Message. maxwell Listing of m lyrics for songs from "M\\'s Urban maxwell Hang Suite", "MTV:Unplugged" and m "Embrya". Plus lyrics for maxwell songs that are sung by M m as a maxwell guest performer on other artists' cds.
  • Ascension of Soul - News, concert stories from the 1999 tour, interviews and pictures.
  • Maxwell on Launch - This is the best place to go for bands and artists m a thorough listing of Maxwell communities and mailings bands and artists m lists on the internet.
  • Sony Music's Maxwell Site - Official site from M\\'s recording label. Has bands and artists maxwell up-to-date (currently not much)information about the still unreleased bands and artists maxwell "Now" cd. "Get to know ya" video bands and artists maxwell and audio clips.
  • Maxwell - Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, links and maxwell message board.

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